Sunday, 2 April 2017

Catching up with friends

My social life is very happening in the past five months since Yu's full month, always out running errands or meeting people. This week is my last happening week for a while - heading back to work next week, which means my social life will reduce dramatically to zero coz I'll be lunching in as I'll be pumping milk. If Yu drinks and eats well, and if work is ok, perhaps I could get Saturday mornings...

Well, some highlights of the past few months here to last me until the end of pumping...

Na and I popped about a week apart - best person to meet up! But we are 一个东一个西... Come to think of it, my friends who gave birth at around the same time all live far from me - LS for Kai and Yang and CY for Yang! And best, we'll be even further apart when we move house *.*

Only photo of us with our babies together

Was having bingsu with Na when both babies decided to poop!

I barely had my bingsu so I thought poop could wait. But then I saw that Yu had leaked pooped from one side! Luckily, I had a plastic bag in my bag - I put it between him and me and continued eating :p

Somehow reconnected with DL who popped a month after me. We used to sit with each other in primary six! But haven't met her since secondary school days. Turns out she lives near our future home too!

The mums and the to-be-acquainted babies

CY popped her twins like three months before me but she was taking leave flexibly so we managed to meet a few times too. Also visited her new home. I'm so envious!

We only took this one photo together - can't remember if that was baby K or J...

Also caught up with ex-colleagues. Always good to see the NPS/NPTD people - know them for so long and worked with many for so long too. Though I felt so old when I saw that those who joined out of university are now mums themselves! No wonder they called me 小妹妹 last time!

Even met old MCYS colleagues - there are seven kids among us three mums!

Met current colleagues too to bitch and to keep myself updated about stuff sans details. Also had a farewell lunch coz my director left! Sighs... Now I wonder if I'll still be doing the same thing when I go back... Though I was asked to look at slides in Yu's first month (which I politely refused of course!), fact is, they didn't need me for six months?! We'll see...

Will so miss such relaxing days once I return to work!!

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