Thursday, 13 April 2017

Back to the grind...

It's 9.25 pm on my second day of work. I'm glad to report that I'm still not sleepy yet - last night, I could hardly stay awake while sending the bigger boys to bed at 8 pm!

So, my first day.

Yu gave me a nice little present by sleeping in to almost 7 am, which gave me time to prepare his milk stuff, wash face and get ready. I sent them to school pretty early but I couldn't go to work so early coz my staff card was not found. So I went back home and chatted with Sito before cabbing to office with all my barang barang - my bag with laptop, pump bag, milk storage bag and food bag.

I was feeling... Well, I don't know what exactly I was feeling, haha! Perhaps some anxiety and apprehension.. But I was given a very warm welcome in the office - a hot cup of Mr Bean, a box of chocolates and a vase with fresh flowers!

My flowers (and Koka noodles :p)

I dragged all emails from my full inbox to a local archive and sent the laptop to our friendly IT guy, B, for some updates while I hopped over to NTUC to grab tissue paper and some snacks. Managed to clear most emails by the end of the day although the laptop went totally crazy that afternoon. Luckily, it magically revived in B's magical hands.

Lunch was porridge made from leftover lor bah and rice from home! Yup, I brought a pot to office :) And a kettle, and lots of food etc..

Check out my desk!

I started my second pump of the day late and ended up leaving the office late. I didn't even manage to air my pump parts after washing them. Lucky for me, I caught a cab on my way to the MRT station!

Today was better. Managed to start looking at emails from these two days and did some powerpoint. Developed a system of cleaning my pump parts - couldn't for the life of me remember how I did it last time! Also took the train back and made it in time to meet Mum to go fetch the kids.

I have no VPN access at the moment so I'm enjoying my me time while it lasts. Probably can't escape OT at night...

To ever better work days!

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