Friday, 28 April 2017

Sleep, our ever-elusive friend

Had a rough evening. It started well - Yu dozed off quickly enough, and Kai and Yang agreed to hit the book (ya, just one book with a few stories) before 8 pm. I almost reached the end of the first story when Yu woke. I settled Yu and came back to finish up and start on the next story. Halfway through, Yu woke again, and this time, I couldn't put him down.

Kai and Yang were playing with N but very soon, there was a crash on the door and Kai cried. Standard - someone must get hurt *.* And soon after, Yang decided to come find me. I let him stay in my bed to soothe him, thinking I would carry him back after he dozed off. I managed to then set Yu down on his bed and chat with Kai for a while.

But when I went back to Yang, Kai decided he would bo chup my orders and came into my bed too. So the three of us stayed under wraps for a little while more, with Yang sharing my pillow and Kai taking Sito's. In fact, I thought Kai was asleep already when he suddenly sat up to tell me that Yu was crying. I must have been on the verge of falling asleep coz I didn't hear until he told me!

After settling Yu, I came back to find his brothers asleep. When I finished washing up, it was almost 9.37 pm. No mood to do work. And I have many pictures :)

A shot for posterity after my shower

Yu on his own on Kai's bed - that's Kai's bolster next to him

Had to put Yu on Kai's bed coz (a) it is bigger than his, and (b) his bed has the wrong side up so it isn't comfortable! Couldn't change it now so told N to change it tomorrow...

The boys all seem to sleep on our bed very well. Unfortunately, Kai and/or Yang will always wake Yu at some point. And Sito and I get very little space. Later, Sito will go to his side of the bed while I bunk in with Yu.

The morning when Yang and Yu slept until past 7 am!

While I really could do with more sleep, I also want to go on date nights with Sito! With Kai, we didn't manage to get many date nights in coz we had no helper for 15 months. We enlisted Mum's help on special occasions only. Even when we got a helper, we didn't leave Kai until shortly before Yang arrived. But Yang was kind - four months in, we had our first date night. Yu is now six months plus. Nope! No date night in sight coz he still wakes frequently. Plus our routine with Kai and Yang has also changed.

I wanted the boys to fall into a good sleep pattern and letting them sleep in our bed seems to do just that! Kai can now sleep through. If he wakes to pee, he can go back to bed too unless he finds himself alone - he doesn't like that. Yang still wakes a couple of times a night, which is an improvement from a few weeks ago before he started coming in. It could also be the paediatric tuina, who knows! As for Yu, I hope by the time he starts having porridge for dinner, he can sleep more so that we can go out for a quick dinner!

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