Sunday, 12 March 2017

Yu turns five months!

I can't believe it sometimes, how fast my baby grows - Yu is five months old already!!

Isn't he such a big boy now??

And, that bear he was holding? It was the present "from his brothers". I only just gave it to him coz I lost it in his clothes! That day, I also gave him a new Sophie. The previous Sophie used by Kai and Yang broke when I was washing it for Yu. This new one smells a little different - like cinnamon! - and the batch number was etched into the leg differently too. Amid various unconfirmed reports of fake Sophies, I bought this in an established brick-and-mortar store.

Giraffe is yummy!

What does this remind you of?

It reminds me of .... a baby lizard!! It is just so unfortunate that I had to see a baby lizard at close-up the other day, so close I could see the four digits on each limb very clearly, and so close that I could need that despite the size, each paw was quite fleshy - like my baby's hands T.T Well, I do love seeing and having Yu's hand on me while breastfeeding but now I really can't help but think of that lizard!

Something we both love to do!

Don't worry, I only started this very recently and no, I didn't throw him up, just lifted up high. I throw the older boys :p

My baby's 姑路 is still very obvious

I look horrid in that hairband right? Don't know what made me buy it 10 years ago!! I used it once in a while since then. This time, it's to keep baby hair away from my face coz when it tickles while I'm rocking the baby, I have no hands to scratch!

"This is how I read"

I finally succumbed and let him have the book - to eat! Just glad this is a new book, not a library book. Can you imagine the germs on library books, having been eaten by n kids already? And also not nice to destroy library books...

I try to read to him at least once a day. In fact, if he would let me, I would read again and again - it beats singing again and again coz I don't have to put on interesting expressions when I'm reading since we face the same direction!

Tried to spoon fed him milk this week. He didn't know how to swallow at first but he's learning! That's the last resort already, if he still rejects the bottle when he starts school...

March is our last month together already. In fact, we are three weeks away from infant care. Honestly, I can't wait to put him there coz he can be so fussy these days! But I'm so going to miss smelling my sweet baby head, no-longer-sour little hands and even his smelly-yet-lovely ear wax all the time!

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