Sunday, 19 March 2017

My strong baby amid fragile sakura

My baby is very strong - he can sit up and then stand when I lift him by his arms while lying down, and he can support himself very well!

"See? I can sit!"

He seems to love this book - he will quieten down even if I just read the lines without the book

He can reach for things very well now and today he even discovered the prints on Kai's bed!

Gave him his bolster! Need to remove the buckle though..

Went to Gardens by the Bay on Thursday for the sakura. His brothers had not seen sakura before.

Sleeping not too soundly...

Blur boy didn't know what he was seeing!

A plan hatched while I was wheeling the boy around. It's tough to travel with three kids under five or even six. But I just might sneak this boy off to Japan for hanami when his elder brothers go to primary school :p Plan plan plan...

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