Monday, 13 March 2017

Hot little baby

Poor Yang came home with a fever in the high 38s on Wednesday. On Thursday, I gave him medicine at 5 am and wanted to keep him home. He also said he wanted to stay at home, probably attracted by Yu's new bear bear. But when he found Kai gone, he wanted to go to school too! Ok, so I sent him in and went about my day as usual while on standby - I turned up the volume of my phone so I could hear it ring should the school called.

I was on the bus to Orchard - in fact, I was already in Orchard - when I saw two missed calls. I forgot to turn off silent mode!! Anyway, yup, fever again. So I got off before I reached my lunch stop and cabbed to the school to pick him up. He stayed at home on Friday and Saturday too, which resulted in Kai not wanting to go to school on Saturday so we had a busy morning!

Hugging my hot boy

He wore the fever patch for a very short time. He also didn't like us to sponge him or tuina him so I threatened him with the fever patch so I guess it's useful!

So Yang (and Kai) spent a lot of time watching TV when at home. A lot. But I'm busy with Yu so there was little I could do...

Playing with thermometers - very fun meh??

And now, Yang is an expert in using the Braun thermometer on himself.

Over the weekend, somehow this Kai decided that the "gun" thermometer was no good. Maybe coz I said it was a little spoilt - the battery compartment cannot be closed properly. So he hid it away!!! Of course we didn't know it at first. When we couldn't find it, we asked the kids coz they were playing around with it. Then Kai took it out of our wardrobe *.* He hid it away again after that but I found it in the wardrobe, lying on the bottom innocently. It was quite a funny sight :p

Was going to take a picture but his "giraffe" fell down!

"My new giraffe!"

Took part of his Friday afternoon nap on the sofa coz he refused to go in

A keen learner despite the fever!

He can finally do a proper pen grip. Sometimes he still purposely showed him the stabbing grip but at least I know that he can do it properly if he wants to.

Not fever related but I love it when my babies sit like this :p

Yang was sensitive to light when he woke at night. And he kept saying "my eyes! My eyes blinking blinking!" He also had a bit of nosebleed - the blood didn't come out; just made his mucous a little bloody. Dr Google said dry eyes and nosebleeds are side effects of ibuprofen! Gosh, we had to use that a lot to keep his temperature down in case he got fits again but he kept hitting the 39s anyway.

So he had his last ibuprofen on Saturday. This morning, no more nosebleed but his eyes are still dry - just now I got a picture and message from his teacher about a sore left eye, which he said was painful. I went to have a look but he was ok. I touched his cheek and it was also painful *.* So I left him in school.

One key thing from this fever episode is that Yang did not have a febrile fit despite hitting 39s! We certainly hope he is past fits. I just bought new packs of diazepam last month coz the previous ones expire this month. I hope we never have to use them.

Another thing that came out of this weekend is that Kai learnt about fever. This morning, he said Yu was hot and asked me to measure his temperature. Kai has not had a fever for a very long time - thank goodness! He usually gets running nose and coughs. So he forgot how it was like having a fever. I think he also felt a bit sidelined when we showed so much attention to Yang. Ah well, he'll learn! Big boy right?

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