Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Achievement unlocked!

Yesterday was vaccination day for Yu but Kai happened to wake with a swollen right lower eyelid. He said it was painful. I also saw that the white on the outside of that eye was a little pinkish. So I asked him to stay at home. And this boy also wanted to chao keng, claiming he had a running nose and could not go to school *.*

I was supposed to meet Na for lunch after vaccination. With Kai, I wasn't too sure. But in the end, I figured at most I stopped the adventure immediately if I could not handle both boys? So we went. And we had fun!

First, the bus. We got a double decker bus but unfortunately, I couldn't bring Kai up. He whined a little, only a little, and proceeded to kneel on a seat to look outside happily, telling me about things he saw. I took the opportunity to update Mum about him and that we would pick Yang up ourselves later.

Side story: We were seated on the three-seater near the driver. So there was an auntie next to me. I told Kai in Mandarin a few times - and very loudly - to wait for me to talk to Ah Ma. Yet, the auntie kept trying to talk to me, also in Mandarin, about Yu - boy ah, is the sling safe etc. Finally, I just told her sorry, I had to text my MIL. And right after I put the phone away, I turned away from her to chat with Kai. Some people just don't know when to stop!!

We got on and off the bus successfully. Kai also tapped his EZ Link card by himself. We arrived at the clinic early but somehow the three families ahead of us took quite a while with the doctor. Kai spent some time playing at the kids' area while I entertained Yu.

Kai went first - I seriously couldn't remember what the doctor said! But it wasn't serious. Probably some irritation. He gave us some eye drops for the pinkness and Zyrtec for the swelling. Kai then turned to me and asked a question halfway, hesitating... I knew what he wanted and so did the doctor. He asked if he wanted a lollipop hoho! And just before we left the room, he even got himself a Spiderman sticker!

Kai making faces; cute pose sucking on his lollipop

Then it was off to meet Na for lunch! Took a bus again and walked to Wisma. As I had to settle Yu with one hand as he was fussing and hold the bag in the other, I couldn't hold his hand. But this boy just held my wrist above the bag instead of running amok :) Even at times when I told him he could walk on his own, he still came back for my hand :)

Kai took some time to choose his ham pizza. I tried to steer his selection towards one with more sauce but in the end, not successful. So he picked out all the rockets on top and I had to eat all the cherry tomatoes, but he ate only less than half the pizza coz it was a honey mustard sauce. I ended up eating my three bulgogi tacos AND his remaining pizza *.*

Kai tried a bit of the rockets but decided against it.

He enjoyed his super fresh apple juice.

We finished lunched in record time and caught a cab back home so that he could nap. He was really tired in the taxi but I told him he wouldn't get ice cream if he fell asleep in the taxi! Coz I promised him something nice and cold if he could behave himself, and he did behave himself. We just had no time and no wet tissue left for ice cream right after lunch.

Na and I had some baby fun (next post) at home, and went for bubble tea and walked around a bit. Then Sito and I took Kai to Daily Scoop. He wanted a cone this time. And this time, he made very little mess - my boy has indeed grown much :)

Making faces again!

It was really enjoyable bringing Kai out. What a lovely age, four plus :p Can't wait for Yang and Yu to grow more too!

Oh, on the way to ice cream, Kai was holding on to Sito when he suddenly said, "Last time, when I was younger, I used to eat outside. Can we eat outside please?" I think the lunch made him recall our Saturday dinners outside. Well, soon, I hope, soon...

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