Sunday, 12 March 2017

An unexpectedly memorable smell of motherhood

This evening, I finally finished my confinement shower gel. I took time to lather and wash off, and even used a scentless moisturiser on my legs so that the smell of the shower gel would linger longer.

It reminds me so much of the first days of Kai's arrival, days of green bedsheets next to a brand new bassinet which held our precious baby, days of lazing with Sito in the coolness of our room in the midst of July and August heat, days of watching my baby grow and learning about each other.

I thought back then that it was a tough time, handling Kai, but now I think I have "advanced", handling Yu with his brothers!

I'm happy to go back to Dettol after five months of confinement shower gel but I just might get a bottle again in future when the kids are grown, just to be brought back to those days :)

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