Monday, 27 March 2017

First centre closure day of 2017

Today is the first child care centre closure day of the year. We had scrambled eggs for breakfast and made some flapjack (so much easier than cookies!) for afternoon tea. Then it was time for Cool De Sac! Planned that for a while and it was a good choice as the indoor playground was so empty on a weekday!

Kai and Yang napped on our bed with Papa

While Mama played with Yu who woke

Sito put Yu on him and went down the slide with Kai and Yang!

Yu had mini fun in the mini kids' area too :)

The bigger boys did their active things...

Always a hot favourite

Yu looked on enviously...

So in he went too!

Boys peeling hard boiled eggs at Keisuke

Enjoying their free ramen

Forgot Yu's toy so gave him the cover for the scissors...

The boys were quite tame today but Sito felt ill towards the end so they were still quite the handful, especially who was so noisy on the way back and couldn't keep still at all! So he didn't get YouTube :p Now YouTube is an almost weekly privilege for good boys only. Very good boys.

There are more centre closure days. I especially dread the ones over Teachers' Day - five days no school!!! Have to plan some activities so we don't get stuck at home with all their energy!

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