Monday, 17 October 2016

He who completes us :)

Clan Sito is complete :)

Hello world, I'm Zhenyu!

Sunday, 9 October - 38w2d

Couldn't sleep well - woke at 4-ish, slept at 5.30 am, alarm sounded at 5.45 am *.* Apprehension or just pregnancy discomfort?

With Kai at Mum's place, I sat down for breakfast with Yang while Sito got ready. We eventually got to the hospital just past 7 am and got registered in 10 min. I was strapped in by 7.40 am and Sito went in search of a quick breakfast. I was freed and given an enema by 8 am. And then, it's back to the monitors...

Last shot of us before I got strapped back in again...

Epidural and drip were all in by 8.50 am. Dr Wendy Teoh was very chop and fast-talking. She sent Sito out coz a husband just fainted in another ward staring at the epidural needle!!!! So Sito had a second breakfast while I was getting poked. This time, I had it done in a sitting position, hugging my pillow and distracted by talk of my green nail polish and the boys.

I could feel the drugs coming in - tingling feet and best of all, no more pelvic pain!! And I could still feel foetal movements :) Thought I wouldn't feel them after epidural. Noticed that his heart rate went up with his movements.

But I started to itch, first my chest then my face and head! Gotta drop epidural to level 4 - whatever that means. Anyway, the oxytocin was not in yet; Dr Wong wanted to check in on me before starting the process. Took the time to check on the boys - I learnt that Kai was a good boy and spoke with Yang (super cute!) over the phone.

Dr Wong got there at 10.15 am - think my first question was whether I could eat :p Answer: No, in case I vomit later... :( With some luck, he said, I might make it in time for lunch! I hoped...

Anyway, he found contractions already - good, means we chose the right day to go in, phew! And I was 5 cm dilated. He burst my water bag, and by 10.30 am, the oxytocin was in, woohoo!

The wait seemed endless.. I was 6 cm dilated at 12.40 pm, i.e. I missed lunch :( But Sito snuck in some of his yummy lunch for me - I figured I'd rather have something to puke than to puke gastric juice!

Then suddenly at 1.18 pm, I felt some pressure and started farting lots. I knew the pressure but the farts? No! Nurse Yang came in quite immediately, saying that she saw changes in the CTG. She checked and found me at full dilation, yeah!

Digression - I must say I had a good nurse this time round. I also liked Theresa who was with me at Kai's birth, but not the one - I even forgot her name - at Yang's birth.

The doctor came in with another nurse just as I started practising my push. But seemed like it was enough and I was told to push! I realised in hindsight that I had forgotten to ask for lower epidural to feel things. Ah well, I just pushed when told to, and I pushed until I could feel my face all flushed up!

It took maybe six or seven pushes? Suddenly, I felt that familiar gush and he was out! Gosh, he felt so big in my arms! I had his bum bum in my right hand :) Sito was busy with the camera when he was given the scissors. So he hurriedly took it and snipped the cord right in front of my eyes.

Then they took him to the infant warmer right next to me where he was tagged immediately. The nurse pointed out a birth mark on his left forearm just below the elbow - it looks like a mini Mongolian spot. He weighed in at 3.550 kg - our biggest! Then she returned Yu to me :)

This was the first time I got to carry my newborn in my arms for such a long time! After admiring His Royal Cuteness and ace-ing the first photo of this post, I thought of asking the doc if I tore. "Of course! 3.55 kg!" Ok... So there he was, just beyond my line of sight, stitching me up etc... Nurse Yang also showed me the placenta - ok, a whole lump of flesh, thanks *.* And no, doc, I have no wish of keeping it, thanks too *.*

The standard portrait of three, but with baby less wrapped up compared to his brothers

I had wanted to try breastfeeding then and there but I suddenly felt giddy and sleepy. My face and tongue also felt numb. Doc said these were side effects. Nurse Yang told me to take it easy and Yu was taken to the nursery while I rested. Sito recalled I had a numb tongue last time; I don't remember a thing!

I tried to sleep but couldn't coz I felt like puking. I eventually puked :( Felt much better but still couldn't sleep despite feeling sleepy. At one point, Yang came in to tell me that the medicine used this time to help the uterus contract was different from the one I had previously, which explained the side effects. I didn't even know I had such medicine before coz it was put into the drip whereas this time, I had it in my thigh.

This time, we didn't need to wait for an available room - a room was already available! Anyway it was later this time too. So we settled down in 506 by 4.30 pm to watch TV. The nurse on duty told us to choose our celebratory lunch or dinner the next day - only for third-timers in Gleneagles! Also chose my remaining meals for the staycation on an iPad - I was no longer restricted to one type of meal throughout the stay!

This nurse, Yoga, was very nice too. I told her I didn't feel well so she got me some ginger tea and would wait until I felt better before giving me the medicine. And the ginger tea really helped! Important coz Yu came in for his first feed at 5.30 pm - it was good!

He could latch and suck all on his own. I just followed him and tried to remember how it was like with the other two. But I got stuck after feeding him on the right as I still had the drip on my left hand. Sito had left for dinner too so he couldn't help. So I slid him down into football hold for the left. When we were done, I called the nurse to take him away. The sitting position hurt my tear a fair bit...

As I had to remove the blue surgery gown to nurse Yu, I had a good glimpse of my belly - so round and soft it was funny! Took a few pictures before discharge - very protruding. It got flatter after a couple of days but still looking fat. Oh well!

By 6.15 pm, all the epidural must have worn off coz I could feel soreness on my pubic bone again! But ok, just sore, not painful. I could also feel my contractions as I reached the end of my oxytocin pack. My back hurt and I kept farting too... I didn't use up my oxytocin before but apparently they wanted to make sure the uterus contract fully this third time. They switched to plain drip after that.

The PD Dr Gong came in at 7.30 pm and told me about a heart murmur in Yu :( Could be due to a valve closing. He would monitor him to see if the valved closed in a couple of days. Else, have to assess further :( Told Sito about it only when he arrived later. Keeping our fingers crossed...

My in-laws came by just before the end of visiting hours, after sending the kids home from dinner. They thought Yu looked like ZK from the photo above. Then they went to the nursery to see for themselves. They waited a long time to see him coz no one was at the nursery - probably due to someone fainting, the same reason I waited a long time to get my painkillers.

I didn't eat much at dinner coz no appetite having just puked. So I was glad when Sito showed up at 9 plus with supper! :) Just in time as well coz Yu came in at 10 pm - he did seem to look more like ZK... This time though, my back hurt more. Sito said it was like this last time as well - it got more painful after epidural wore off. He helped me put on a heat pad before he left - couldn't have him stay with me coz need both him and N to bring the kids to school in the morning...

It was a difficult night for me. I kept feeling this soreness - not sure if it was the pubic bone or the uterus. And the drip was still there so I went to bed with a needle in my hand, not fun..

Monday, 10 October

Had a 2 am feeding session that went well though the night nurse's hands were super cold! And she woke me at 5.10 am for a clean-up - it was the first time I brushed my teeth in bed! And also the first time I was sponged clean in bed too! But I couldn't turn my body due to the pain in my pubic bone when I moved that way so we just let it be. Anyway, I was not far from a shower!

After Milo and painkillers, I was ready for another nursing session at 6 am. Unearthly hour? Not so on hindsight - read on...

The nurse took the catheter out by 8.30 am. While waiting for breakfast, I called home and heard from N that when she told Yang that she would carry didi, he said no but Kai told him that kakak would still sayang him! Words of babes :)

The PD came by at 9 am - no more heart murmur, yeah! He said he listened for three minutes to be sure but he would continue to monitor.

Finally, Dr Wong came in at 9.30 am and gave the all clear to remove the drip, yeah! Also told me to use the sitz bath - I sent the new one back coz I brought mine from last time, $60 leh! - and the bottom spray after shower and every toilet trip. The lactation consultant came in and gave me a refresher on breast massage but left just before the nurse came in with Yu. But before giving me my baby, she removed the drip. I felt so free! But Yu only nursed on one side this time - he pooped!

Happy after feeding and pooping

With the help of a nurse, I had my first sitz bath at 11 am. It was pretty surreal with someone in the toilet with me, measuring my pee and helping me with various sanitary stuff *.* Then I walked around the room a bit but found that I got tired quite quickly so I sat down to pack my things a bit and read a magazine from the goodie bag.

Eventually, I felt good enough to shower! Water on skin never felt so good, gosh! My belly was still big but cute :) I was nicely refreshed in time for lunch - opted for confinement food since our dinner would be anything but.

Light and yummy stuff - definitely not giong-ifying..

I was dozing off with FM93.3 and my lavender sleeping mask - heh! - when Yu came in to nurse. Well awake, I had another sitz bath. Then I had a surprise call from Jo! The connection wasn't good but it was great hearing from her :)

Managed to sneak in a nap before the brothers met. Sito got off work earlier and went with Mum to get the boys to visit us :) I brought Yu back from the nursery just before they arrived but he decided to nurse before the scheduled time. It was alright except that he was at my boob for two hours!!

The boys opening their present for Yu

I want to luuurve my baby, croons sweet Kai...

And Yang went, I give bear bear to baby!! 

Amid all the happenings the day before, Sito only managed to carry Yu for the first time now - he looks just like the first time he carried his other two babies! :)

They left to settle the big brothers for the evening. Sito returned just before dinner was served at 8 pm - our celebratory dinner!

Malay food for Sito, steak for me

Picture with my dear :)

C came by just as we started dinner. So kind of her to drop by, and with a large pack of snacks some more! She filled me in with some office news before leaving us to our food. Hope I still have my job in April, hoho!

The staff brought my supper in just as we finished dinner - guess supper time is fixed regardless of dinner time! I had so much Milo this day that I gave Sito the drink. We watched a bit of TV and I sent him back home to rest. No more restful nights for a long time after this!

But just my luck - I took a shower at 9 pm and saw a slow moving cockroach in the bathroom when I pulled back the shower curtain :( Had to get housekeeping in to get it. Felt a bit bad when I saw the housekeeper coz she started work that morning very early, cleaning my bathroom, changing my bedsheets.. But she was so nice about it and even disinfected the bathroom after taking out the cockroach.

Tuesday, 11 October

It was a very good night - no more drip, good nursing, less pain down there. I stayed awake after the 6 am feed and just listened to the radio. Had my warm-ish avocado coz the fridge didn't seem to work though the light was on *.* Sito came just as I started breakfast.

Opted for a heavy meal in case the discharge took time...

Both Dr Wong and Dr Gong came by and cleared us for discharge. No jaundice but the nurse told us to sun him, hmmm... My scheduled 15-min massage also happened at 10 am, just before nursing time, phew!

Our sweet boy while waiting for billing etc

First time in sling

We got home by 1 pm. As I forgot to notify the caterer early, they could only start my tingkat the next day. So Sito packed lunch for me. By then, I had become Yu's human pacifier - what happened to the four-hourly feeds??!

This boy screams and makes the most pitiful sounds whenever he needs to nurse, which is all his waking time. He has this hoarse, yelping cry, quite different from his brothers' cries. When I cleaned him that first evening at home, I found his tiny bum and scrawny legs so cute!

Kai found Yu cute too :)

Wednesday, 12 October

Had a bad night. Yu woke every 30 minutes or so. I slept for 30 minutes at 4.30 am when I eventually nursed him lying down instead of sitting up and trying to put him down. Sito helped carry him while I rested - we figured he couldn't be hungry. But when he fussed again at 6.30 am, I just nursed and let him sleep on me while I sat to sleep. This was the first time he went for more than an hour without nursing!! I love his wrinkled face while he was lying on me, even his smelly farts. But where's the meconium??

Mother came over in the morning, with the standard Oreo, raisins, Yakult and tonic. She saw my lunch which she approved of as it saved hassle, amid various disapprovals like washing hair..

My lunch, which has been repeating items though it's been less than one week!

But I will eat to make milk to fatten you up!

She left when Sito returned from collecting the names. But Sito went down for a nap before we decided on the name!! Finally, we agreed on Zhenyu at 5 pm. 振 to follow his brothers; 宇 because it means eaves, because it's like universe, because it has a 宝盖头 - basically this precious completes us :) And so, with two ZYs, they shall go by Kai, Yang and Yu instead of their initials henceforth.

Boobs became swollen (while my belly became less protruding) so I was hoping more milk would make Yu fuller and sleep more...

My hub carrying his newest pup

Thursday, 13 October

Swaddling was successful! I slept more though I had an awful episode of pelvic pain in the night. Yu has been farting a lot and finally pooped watery brown poop after lunch! Then he managed to nap without a swaddle!

His mittens keep reminding me of paddle pops...

My boobs remained swollen but no leaking. That evening, I found painful lumps in both armpits :( Blocked ducts??

Friday, 14 October

Another bad night :( Think he has gas... But no time to dwell over this - we had a PD appointment! was changing him when he started to pee a little - it sprayed on his face *.* - before peeing a lot and wetting himself. I just cleaned him up and left the house!

He weighed in at 3.35 kg only but the doc said it was ok. No heart murmur, good poop, good pee. But he told me to try to space out nursing else it would be too tiring for me. I also want, sighs... I'm glad I didn't get jamu massage - how to stay away from him for an hour?! If I remain fat, Yu can sponsor my slimming :p I wrapped myself with a bengkung that evening though - ugly, tighter at top than bottom, and uncomfortable!

We went home and gave Yu his first bath at home! He didn't like it hoho! Cried so much, like Kai.

Milk drunk after his bath and my shower

Cute burping face

Our burrito baby

His nails had been hurting his face and my boobs so I decided to cut them. After finishing the left hand, I accidentally nipped his right thumb! No more nail cutting :(

Called the doc about my lumps but he's gone for a conference. Nurse asked me to monitor as it could be due to breastfeeding. My boobs are not swollen anymore but the lumps are still there, albeit smaller...

First photo of the three brothers together :)

Saturday, 15 October

I'm so grateful for Sito - if not for him, I couldn't do anything coz Yu was still at my boobs all his waking time!!

Why is Sito sitting at the bay window?

Coz his space is taken up by Yang - so big now!

That night, I woke every hour or so until I couldn't take it - nursed him lying down from 3 plus so that I could sleep more. Found him sleeping on his belly when we woke and had a scare! Lucky not swaddled...

Sunday, 16 October

Mum they all went to Malacca so we were on our own this Sunday.

So sweet!

Mama staged this welfie - just in time coz Yu was asleep for about five minutes?!

Kai had Yu in his lap for the first time

We started getting Kai to go to bed at the same time as Yang so that we could settle Yu in our room earlier. We would still go find Kai after Yang is down. But last night, I totally crashed by 8 pm, before Kai did *.*

In other news, I managed to poop a lot finally :p I was wondering about the intense abdominal pains I had with Kai and Yang postpartum whenever I was passing pee, gas or poop. I didn't have them until today - perhaps the binding was a cause? I also had swollen limbs since Wednesday morning. They are still swollen, especially my hands. I massaged my legs while nursing Yu last night and today, my left foot was less swollen.

Spot the difference?


Started nursing Yu lying down at 1 am. My back hurt like crazy so I ended up in a sitting position from 3 plus onwards. My bottom became numb.

I have so much bodily pains this pregnancy and after delivery that (1) I didn't spend much time with Yu in the hospital; (2) I had no energy or stamina to take care of him for too long, e.g. my bottom hurt when I sat too much in the first few days; and (3) I had no mood for many pictures.

But today, I decided that it was enough! I'm experiencing less pain with every passing day so it's time I make things better. I started with the easiest - take more pictures!

Such small feet!

Such small fingers with shorter but still evil nails!

The most difficult thing to do is Yu's sleep routine. But somehow, I managed to put him down, swaddled, in bed for about two hours this late morning!!

Yu: Zzzz... Mama: Achievement unlocked? Papa: Yes!

What are you looking at? Me?

Love this milk-drunk look!

Gave Yu his second bath at home today. He seemed to be more ok with the bath, not the shampoo, this time. He was quiet in the tub :) But he wailed on the changing table. Seemed like he didn't like to be naked. He's the only baby to not be sunned - wanted to but it was rainy - so I just took a photo of his cord stump which almost dropped off after his bath.

It has turned 90 degrees clockwise since discharge from hospital!

I was so pleased with his sleep today that I didn't nap more than 30 minutes myself. Hope a good day schedule will lead to a good night schedule. Dumped Sito's face pillow on him while I typed :p

Perhaps we need that hand-shaped pillow...

He got up a few times already, once to poop. In fact, he's nursing this very moment! I shall have a snack and rest for the night. Looking forward to better nights and more good days with Yu! :)

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