Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Random bits

I used to write random stuff on this blog. I haven't done so in a long time coz I don't even have enough time to write about the kids! But I would like to try again... I have lots of stuff dating way back but it's such a b*tch getting the pictures so I'll just start from 2016 and hope I can do it more regularly...

Vegetarian lean meat - wth

Chinese gingerbread man - they changed his clothes from the Christmas decor, really!

Sito gave me a souvenir from Japan - I can turn the kebab when I'm stressed, hoho!

My old duffel bag with all my badges!

See the now-defunct slit for mail? I had a functional one in my fourth year accommodation at Iffley Road

Plenty of childhood memories!

I'm down to my last post-it pad from an era past....

Another little thought from Sito - coz I'm a mama :)

Because it's older than ZY!

Pre-UK shot!

ZY broke my hairband of some 10 years, sighs...

Some liquid spilled and destroyed my 20-year-old coin pouch from Ah Yee when she went to New Zealand

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