Wednesday, 1 July 2009

First of July

Just as yesterday marked the end of half of 2009, today marks the start of the march towards the end of the year.

And I've decided that if I cannot think of a suitable title, I'll just use the date :p

Just a few randoms...

Last night, I heard a loud thud and the next thing I knew, MZ was screaming that someone splashed paint on our door! I went out and saw a small splash of red - I wondered what caused that loud sound... Anyway, I called the police.

While waiting, YQ called our neighbour from upstairs - it was his ex-tenant who owed loansharks money! I just saw the O$P$ and the door number the other day, at the stairs.. Nowadays the loansharks are either blur or, more likely, employing a new tactic - stress thy neighbour!! Just a couple of months back, my next-door neighbour got the same thing...

When the police arrived, I thought YQ handled it pretty well so I went back to sleep... Think they took some pictures and gave YQ some instructions..

I was in the office the other day. A colleague said bye and I was the last one in the office. Shortly, I heard the door bell ring. Did she forget something? I hit the release button but no one came in... So I went out of the glass door to the wooden door with that bell, opened it and found nobody! Then I realised that for someone to ring that bell, he/she had to get through the locked door before that!

I had all rights to freak out!

After calming myself down on the way back to my desk, making sure that the doors closed behind me, I lasted barely 15 minutes (not bad already!) before I hurriedly packed my things and left =(

Asked security guards if they went to checked 14th floor - not yet.. But they mentioned a girl went by. Maybe it was my colleague? But no! I asked the next day =(

This was different from the last time when I walked into the lift lobby and heard a loud yelp from the stairwell - had such a huge scare I fled to the toilet! Then I realised it should be a workman from another level - sounded like it..

Anyway, today I left shortly after the second last chap left...

How? Like this how to work in office at night?! =( I don't like to work at home at night...

Because I like to watch dramas and anime at night! :p

Finished Macross Frontier recently. (That's why I can blog now :p) Can't get the song Seikan Hikou out of my head - it's really nice!!

Update on an earlier post - put back a bit of weight but surprisingly, it kind of remained steady for the past three weeks. Quite happy :)

I proposed to do X at work, twice. Didn't go through. Then someone who was n pay grades above me suggested X - or some form of it.

*ding ding ding* I self-assessed that my CEP wasn't too bad after all!

Then the next day, someone who was N pay grades above me suggested Y. Hey, I said that just a week ago!

*ding ding ding* I think my CEP just went through the roof! Woohoo!

I have decided that I should put my brains to better use - I shall strive to be a Montessori teacher :)

And finally, can someone tell me why Mother, aged 63 and who doesn't know English, would tell me one night that Prison Break was getting exciting?? I don't even know what the show is about! *.*

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