Monday, 8 June 2009

Light as a feather..?

But a feather came off painfully from some bird, right?!

My story:
- Went for a massage yesterday. The boss said I lost weight.
- Went to get juice this morning - haven't had juice for a couple of weeks. Alice said I lost weight.
- Just now at gym, I weighed myself cos I took a short hiatus from gym. I'm now 2kg from my desired weight! Not 5kg!

I admit I'm super happy that I've lost weight. I mean, I don't lose weight easily!

But it wasn't pleasant the way I lost weight - involuntarily...

An older story:

I had nachos for dinner one day and hurt the gums above my last remaining wisdom tooth. After the surface healed and it healed quickly, it suddenly started to hurt again one week later. I thought it must have developed into an ulcer..

It took me a week of Bonjela that didn't work and a week of semi liquid food cos I could hardly open my mouth wide enough for rice before I went to the dentist.

"I don't see any ulcer. But you've got an infection!"


Great, with antibiotics, I couldn't even drink milk when I got hungry! (something like we're not supposed to drink milk when taking antibiotics..)

It took about a week before I could open my mouth enough to have rice..


I do like fish beehoon.. But I had varying quality of fish beehoon from yummy at Amoy to so-so in various foodcourts.. That first mouthful of rice after two weeks was heavenly.. Ahhh...

But of course, I thought I had an ulcer so the ulcerous genes in me decided to have some fun - Ulcer #1 appeared under my tongue just as the infection was healing =(

It was painful but I could eat most foods so long as they were soft and not salty or spicy, which was pretty sad, right?!

And when that was about to heal in one week, Ulcer #2 reared its ugly head on the tip of my tongue =(((

No more food that could get stuck between my teeth cos the tongue was on strike!

Amid all these, I went from sweet stuff almost every other day to zilch (almost.. had smooth icecream!) in four weeks! I think that's the main contributing factor to the weight loss :p

But guess what? Today, I had seven pieces of Tim Tam cookies!!! Happy now =)

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