Monday, 29 May 2006

A really long account of a strange weekend

Believe me, I've tried to shorten it..

LS and I were some 20min late for 730pm dinner - meeting, jam etc. G said she was walking from Oriental so LS and I sat down for a chat while waiting. Time flew to 830pm and we decided to order some food. Then Jon, who said he could only join us late after a movie, appeared before G did; we were so tickled that G was that late - old habits died hard man! :p The best part was when G finally arrived at 930pm (!), she was surprised we had started eating!! (Need to write about punctuality one day - remind me!)

The last time we met was last May, just before G went to Belgium. She was going back for another year. She seemed to be having a good time there - working hours that the three of us could only dream of, sighs.. Then she said she was going to try skydiving soon. So brave! I could never imagine myself doing that!

G: Why not?
Jon: Can la, what'll happen is we'll say, "mf, look at this!" *Push!*
G: There'll just be a lot of screaming, haha!

Had a lot to say about Jon and his luck with women. And girls. His movie "date" was a 12-year-old.

Jon: Come on! She just treats me like an elder brother!
mf: I believe you treat her like a sister but I don't believe she treats you like a brother lor!
LS: See? It's not just me, everyone says so!
mf: Believe us, we have been 12-year-old girls, but you haven't!

Our honorable LS told him, "Don't appear before me!" :p

You know, I didn't go to Ikea in the end..

I managed to register for basic theory - test date is 30 Jun. Took a train back to Tomato Town, and found myself some 25min early for the Ikea shuttle. So I thought I would go to Popular across the road to get the basic theory handbook.

Was happily drinking my soya bean milk when I felt something hit me quite hard on my hairline. I touched my hair and found some cold white liquid on my fingers. For a moment, I was like, did someone just throw icecream at me?? Then the truth dawned.. BIRD SHIT!

I didn't know if I should cry or laugh. I mean, I was totally disgusted and yet it was quite funny too - so "lucky" ah?! Anyway, I sped towards MOS Burger to wash my hands and inspect damage. Found two spots that bounced off my hair onto my pretty blouse. No doubt, it's freaking bird poo poo. That stupid bird had way too much to eat - that was a lot of shit for a bird!!

I had to go back to wash myself. It was just too disgusting. But I wasn't about to leave without going to Popular, the very reason why I had to cross the road in the first place, leading to the shit incident! On the way back, I saw the Ikea shuttle moving away from the pick-up point. Sighs =(

mf + bird shit = a lot of shampoo and water

That pretty much sums up the next hour..

It started to rain while I was in the shower. Decided not to catch the next Ikea shuttle. Changed into something comfortable and started reading the handbook until I felt drowsy.. Then I thought of Na, and decided to rest her way ie sleep :p

Woke in darkness. A little disoriented. Checked my phone - almost 8pm. Only YQ and gf were in, talking very loudly in the kitchen over the fish. Too loud. Wasn't pleased to be disturbed. Tried to go to the toilet but YQ was poo-ing. I'd had enough of shit that day! Went back to bed, still drowsy and lazed with Meh until the two kids left.

It was almost 9pm when I decided to watch a bit of Taiwanese variety show, laughed a bit. Then MZ came back and sat down immediately with her beloved VCDs. Then Mother came back with some food and stuff from JB. Listened to her talk about the boat trip to see fireflies. I've never seen fireflies..

Was getting drowsy at midnight when my phone rang. It was Kel who just got back from his mysterious Genting trip. His sim card seemed to have been corrupted somehow. Told him where to go to get it fixed. He also told me I could have borrowed the basic theory handbook from him. Had I known, I would not have crossed that road and got hit by bird shit! Too late.. Slept with Meh on my shoulder.

Jumped out of bed feeling hungry. Remembered that I had all of two slices of wholemeal bread with peanut butter and some soya bean milk on Sat. Went for a jog. On the way back, a huge white furry dog pounced on me playfully. A bit shocked but otherwise rather amused. Enjoyed a nice breakfast of not two but three slices of wholemeal bread with some peanut butter and some yoghurt.

Started drilling on competition routine in ballroom for quality. Very tiring! And I was hungry.. We practised for only a short while after the lesson and dashed off to Funan for a bite with the boys. I could never understand why Dan and Sito would label themselves ah gua and gay respectively! :p

For the first time (in a long time?) both CY and I were early! The girl was powerful, came from a buffet lunch and got all excited over Sizzler's salad buffet! Nvm, we all sin on weekends. We even had gelato, the process of which was mildly reminiscent of one of our conversation topics..

CY: Considering between green tea and tiramisu..
mf: I should be having hazelnut..
CY: (to the uncle) Can I have a white choc?
mf: Kek?! What happened to green tea and tiramisu??
Uncle: What about you?
mf: I don't know.. *What happened to hazelnut??* Ok ok! I'll have the hazelnut!

Heh heh, the difference between our current mentality on a certain issue *wink* Ahhh, always good to have a bare-all chat :)

CY gave me a pair of slippers she bought from Bangkok - thanks! Very pretty! :) This woman ah, is already planning for her second career following the end of her bond this year. I should think of something too, though I have a few more years to go..

Of Saturday, to be exact.

At the end of the day, I suddenly realised that it was a different Sat despite the trip to Ikea that never happened. First of all, I had a good rest with that much sleep. Then, my phone was silent, and I didn't try to contact or even think of contacting anyone. I might have mentioned this but I tend not to disturb even my closest friends for no reason. Some weird upbringing that I've failed to grow out of.

Sat just felt a bit strange but I had some enlightening thoughts in my dreams and while lazing. I'm more keen than ever to leave this place after my bond. And I wouldn't stay in one place for too long, two years max. As I related this to CY yesterday, another thought popped up and I said that by the time I finished exploring all cities of interest, I could go and die already :p Or perhaps I could have died before I covered the world. A little morbid but that's something I could do to spend my life.

Watched quite a bit of Taiwanese drama that day too. I've decided long ago that too much of this is no good. The plots are all too predictable and the endings are always good. It's the adult version of "the prince and the princess live happily ever after". Poison! Too unrealistic. Too idealistic. The more I watch, the more disillusioned I feel. It's easy to give up on romantic comedies in the movies but the freaking TV is right next to my bed! Seriously need to get away.. My room, my room, pls be done soon!

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