Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Revelation: I spent more money when on my own

1) My plan for Sunday afternoon was to go get a lint roller. I ended up at Isetan Scotts and bought a top in two seconds.

2) Next was Watson's@Taka to get my cleansing oil but I was told the line was discontinued! Gaaar! Turned back to MRT but had to pass by Isetan Wisma. So I checked out Shunji Matsuo and decided to give my hair an almost unnoticeable trim just to make it neater.

3) Wandered across the aisle and found a Casio stand. I've been wanting to get a watch but as some will know, mf cannot read the time if the watch has only quarter markings *.* So I've had very limited choices even with new arrivals in City Chain. Found a pretty readable watch that didn't cost half my arm! The lady took out 6-7 of the metal bits to fit my wrist, the thinnest bit of me. Still a little loose but taking out one more may make it uncomfortable on hot days.

4) Boarded the MRT and realised I forgot about the lint roller! Decided to go to J8 to buy yoghurt before walking back. Also to check out Watson's in case they had my cleansing oil.. No =( Bought Listerine instead.

5) Strolled by Beauty Box so asked about my dry soles. Had a pedicure done in the end. Then I bought my strawberry yoghurt and sang my way back.

Kel, Moh and I were supposed to meet YX in Rochester Park but it was too crowded. We met in HV instead. Ate in the hawker centre before walking one round to Swensen. Topics were the usual; we could never seem to tire of them :) But at one point, we went geeky: we proved that root(2) is irrational. Then we generalised the proof for root(integer). And along the way, if m^2 is divisible by n, m should be divisible by n too.

Roamed Cold Storage for some 20min after that, and I finally bought my lint roller!!

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  1. wow, what a lot of other buys before you reach your lint roller



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