Sunday, 21 May 2006

Fortune telling

Some time ago, I gave my eight characters to Sito's sister to calculate some astrology stuff. Results: mf is a weak yang metal.

Then CY gave me some websites:

Did some tests and got this table - ok, my html sucks, can't do the table :p

Heavenly Stem Earthly Brach (mf: Huh? And, "brach"?)
5 elements Weight
Metal - 30
Water - 3
Wood - 9
Fire - 0
Soil - 18

I don't have fire!!! Since it's best to have balanced five elements, I need to find some fire..

In another test, I found the earthly equivalents of the five elements:

Metal - me
Water - kids
Wood - money
Fire - job
Soil - mom

Mom(Soil) and you (Metal) are friend. Money (Wood) and job (Fire) are foe. You and your friend fight with your foe. If you and mom win (bigger score), money works for you. If you lose, you work for money. If you win, you will make more money when you find Wood (money) or Fire (job) in the fate cycle or on certain years. If you lose, you still can earn money when you find Metal (you) or Soil (Mom) in the fate cycle or in certain years.

metal + soil = 48 > wood + fire = 9 - win! Yeah!

And guess what? When calculating my astrological weight (whatever that is), I got this: There is great potential for you to achieve abundance even though you may be lacking in family luck. As you have little affinity with your parents, it is better for you to live apart from them. Staying with an uncle or aunt may be a good idea.

Wa! I better move out asap! :p

Man, am I bored..


  1. when u go to UK, try out this:

    heard is cool!!

  2. Didn't know CY was into this stuff, maybe she should hang out with my sister...

  3. oh well sito,maybe u can intro ur sis to me,so tt we 2 can qie cuo qie into this stuff since sec 1:)but not obsessed..ok(@@)

  4. cool. I'll try to get the 2 of you together. At least she'll find someone who can actually appreciate her "heavenly pillars" and mystic knots..


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