Saturday, 13 May 2006

Childhood games

Went for a jog with CY this morning. On the way back from a healthy breakfast, we walked under the MRT tracks and chanced upon a hopscotch print - we used to play hopscotch in school so often!! But we couldn't really remember the rules anymore. We started talking about the other games we used to play.. Let me list them:

1) Zero point! Or zero thousand point..? Seems to be the all time favourite cos all we needed was space; the three hopscotch prints were very popular and all taken up by those who were released for recess earlier. But we would always have the long rope of rubber bands on us and could play any time :) I remember CY being very good at this game and I was totally jia lat cos I couldn't jump so high :p

2) Starfish! Using the same rubber rope but connected end to end. Can't remember how to play already..

3) Catching! I love it ok! Although I got caught easily cos I couldn't run very much :p Besides playing in school, I also played when visiting Grams - extended play area to the whole block, using lifts to run away from the predator. Then we also had modified catching - alright, this is a bit weird. You know the markings of a badminton court right, we could only run along those lines!

4) Five stones! I've always wanted to make my own set but never really got down to it. Hey CY, let's play some day? :)

5) Pepsi cola 123! Ya, another classic and the most recently played game - played at a beach outing some time in the past two years..

6) And this one, I just thought of it: the handkerchief game aka diao shou jin! Very fun!! Oh my, it feels so far away though..

7) Hide and seek! Classic! But hard to really hide well ah :p And the modified one, blind cat aka xia yan mao! Used to play this in the house and we would jump all over the place! I quite like being the predator here, just feeling my way around and cornering people, hiak hiak hiak! *evil*

8) Playground swing! I rem CY and another girl used to compete to see who went higher. They both went really high, really! Too scary for me..

9) Card games like Old Maid and Happy Family! Old Maid was so funny and I can still remember the Bun family, the Dose family, the Bone family - ahhh...

These old games cost very little and were great fun! Now we're all grown up and play different games which, I realise, all need money eg ktv, bowling, shopping (a game of sorts), slacking at Starbucks. We are also talking about different things. Not sure if I've said this before: last time we talked about results and puppy love, then we graduate to salaries and more serious bgr, and soon we'll be talking about mammograms! Haha!

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  1. oh ya sure!i rem i used to have many types of 5 stones,super big,medium n small ones..I rem we used to make our own 5 stones,using either red or green beans!shall do tt again if got time..


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