Tuesday, 23 May 2006


There is this big man who walks without control, what Shifu will term "body flight". I was walking in front of him one day as we boarded the same bus, when he practically rammed into me! From then on, I always let him go in front of me.

Today, I waited in line and boarded the bus right after him. He was paying by cash so he stood at the top of the steps for a while; I was at the bottom step, waiting.


Ahhh! I was freaking squashed and yelped a little before I managed to say "excuse me"! =( Then the kind bus driver - he's really a very kind man, once saw him help a little girl who missed her school bus, and he's always greeting and smiling at passengers - realised there was someone behind the big man; he had blocked me - plus size me! (Heh, not really :p) - from driver's sight completely! Driver kept apologising but then, it really wasn't his fault. Anyway, just a wake-up shock, no greater harm done..

When I alighted, driver waved at me. I waved back. Such a nice uncle :)

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