Monday, 22 May 2006

Yes I think I can dance

Took my silver medal test yesterday - highly commended. Must thank my dance partner - Sito! :) The grade was sort of expected but I thought the marks for tango would have been higher than for foxtrot; somehow we did better than expected for our weakest foxtrot, not a bad thing actually - I like foxtrot music (except for that horrible prac song)!

We were quite nervous but it was great fun! Last year I was in white; yesterday, I was in my black flowy skirt perfect for ballroom. Eh, outfits are very important ok.. If I were in a less pretty flock, I would be less inclined to flaunt myself and strut my stuff right? :p

I think we're doing quite well in the waltz now, judging from the video taken yesterday. Foxtrot has improved beyond my imagination - I can finally do proper heel turns! Tango will need a bit more tuning. And quickstep! Haven't done that for some time, I like.. Hope we get started on Viennese waltz asap. And of course, need to find time for latin. Argh! Feel like dancing right now!

No hosting space for the dance videos but some photos to share:

By chance, all the girls turned up in black!

The three couples with the examiners and our instructors

Shifu was showing a video to the examiners and invited us to join in. The video was quite old, a documentary on his family by TCS, predecessor of MediaCorp, in the 1980s or early 1990s. The family has been dancing since the first studio was set up in 1937 by Shifu's father. It's now in its fourth generation of dancers. Felt rather inspired after watching it.. Must practise harder if I want to improve!

Went by Kel's place to borrow his comp - my laptop is dying any day now, sometimes happy, sometimes "operating system not found" =( After sitting at the comp for some 30min, my left ankle decided not to hold up anymore - think I must have strained it, danced a lot since Sat, especially Sun when we started at 230pm with a meal break before the test at 730pm. As I was showering and trying to scrub my right foot, I realised I couldn't stand on my left anymore =( Rest rest rest, else Wed cannot go for class!

After the thanks, it's time for some scolding.. Sat after dinner, I was about to call some friends to say I was joining them but I couldn't find my phone! I thought I put it on the table the moment I sat down but it wasn't there, and it wasn't in my bag either.. Panicked! Asked Sito to call - but no chirpy ringtone could be heard! Asked him to call studio to check.. At that moment, well, you might have guessed, he whipped out my phone from his side of the table! Gaaar! I can't bear the thought of losing my phone! All my contacts! Another scary bit - I only learnt yesterday that he took my phone within five minutes of sitting down and I didn't realise it.. I really need to be more aware of my surroundings man..

Hilarious update
Just showed Siok the videos. She said if the dance partner was a buaya, I could name the videos "Dances with (a) Wolf"! Haha! :p

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