Friday, 26 May 2006

Something seems to be wrong with mf..

Eg 1) At one meeting, I was closing the door but found it "jammed". I used my body weight to close it. Then as I walked to my seat, colleague told me about the door stop *.* Later, a latecomer tried to come in. I couldn't undo the door stop and someone had to help me - so embarassing!

Eg 2) At another meeting, I finished a presentation and thought I needed a drink. No tea came out of the pot though I DID press the open button. My kind colleagues passed me another pot. This time, I couldn't even press the button! Gave up! After a decent period of time, colleague tried to refill tea, found the pot locked, unlocked it and poured yummy tea.. o_O

But I still believe I can drive and not do stupid things like locking myself up in a car :p And I'll go register for my basic theory tomorrow! Then I'll go to Ikea for a walk, get some ideas for my little room. Finally a different kind of weekend! :)

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