Thursday, 1 June 2006

More childhood stuff

Does anyone remember those flat biscuits that come in pink, green, white, yellow, orange and - if I remember correctly - blue?? I went out for lunch today, dropped into a little provision shop on the way back and saw a whole pack of them hanging happily on a rack!

They're called "Kuih Piring"..

Ingredients that I don't understand:
Bahan-bahan, Tepung ubi, Gula, Garam, Air (I heard this means water in Malay :p), Santan, Telur (egg, right?)

Something is wrong with the maths:
Servings per packet: 2
Serving size: 30g
Weight (of whole packet): 40g

I bought a packet, shared half with my colleagues (many away from office) and swiftly finished the thing. There were green, yellow and pink - my fave is the pink one! Sweet :)

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