Saturday, 24 June 2006

In search of the ultimate shake

Since we live in Tomato Town, Kel and I used to hang out there with SY or WX who live nearby. We like MOS Burger cos of the milk shake. Then the machine spoilt so no milk shake for more than a year now. Then Macs re-introduced milkshake so yesterday we met at Macs.

No milkshake! *.*

Why?? The ones at J8 and TPY have milkshake! Sighs.. We went back to MOS since Macs was crowded with WC fans. The milkshake had long disappeared from the menu so it was milk tea for Kel and pink guava juice for me.

He put two pots of milk into his tea. It looked too white.. A while later, Kel raised his eyebrows at the guy sitting at the table next to us and I turned to see him emptying a pot of milk into his tea - and there were two more on his tray.

mf: *gesture an OK sign - three fingers up!*
Kel: *drop his right hand on the table, thumb hidden - four fingers showing!*
mf: *clap right hand with left, right thumb hidden, eyes wide - four?!*
Kel: *nod nod*

I was thinking "oh gross" when a girl sat down across the guy and I did a double-take. Josie?! Heh, hey girl, didn't tell you we were "talking" about your cousin and his milk tea (tea milk?) cos paiseh la :p

Kel said D had one pot of milk (coincidentally, D was having milk tea at Mos Burger in Bugis at the same moment!!), he had two, this guy had four - 1-2-4, next should be 8, then 16 blah blah! Geometric progression! Or squares!

I went geeky and asked what other number 1-2-4 could lead to.. Answer was 7: +1, +2, +3 etc.. Gee, I've left school for too long.. I used to love such questions back in sec school.. Though it wasn't too fair cos Kel did his practicum in a sec sch.. He's going to teach in a JC now, will drive by my workplace but unfortunately (for me; fortunately for him!) the timing is too darn early :p

Was looking at this Cinnamoroll diary while waiting for laptop to load. It was something Sito got from his sister in *2004*; he forgot about it until lately, and he almost forgot again cos he gave me only at the end of the Bali trip in the airport just before checking in! *2005* diary! Not much use now but it's quite cute, I realised.. Eg do you know Hello Kitty and her twin Mimi were born on 1 Nov? And Little Twin Stars are Capricorns, like me! I know, I'm 26.. Ok I shall be gone..

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  1. Boo! Didn't anyone tell you not to talk bad about others behind their backs?!!! 4 pots are not gross. I have 4 all the time too, used to be 5 but most outlets are too stingy to allow my indulgence. You should enjoy too!


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