Sunday, 18 June 2006

Season in the sun!

Um, long for a 4-day trip

A few days before..

Sito: Who is going to bunk with you?
mf: Well, I'm closer to you and Hup. So two of you pls fight to bunk with LY!! :p

*** *** ***

Found the guys at the check-in row at 740am. Ahhh! We're going to Bali!

*** *** ***

Flight was smooth. I watched Failure to Launch. Don't remember anything about the leads but something the guy's mum said got stuck in my head. When the son finally moved out, leaving just her and her husband in the house..

"I'm scared, to be with him alone. I don't know if he still loves me."


Episode 1
There were doubts about the hotel cos we got it real cheap at USD25 pppn. But we were very very happy when we finally reached Aston Bali. The holiday was getting better by the minute..

Went to the beach to give our pasty skin a good tan. But the sun remained hidden behind stubborn clouds. Then it got chilly cos of the wind so we went back for a shower - Hup had a nice blue bath! - before heading to the poolside for a BBQ dinner.

It was a yummy dinner! I ate so much the guys were, well, suitably impressed :p The band came over to play for us. We asked for a latin number and they played a cha song. Nevertheless, Hup and I decided to salsa to it anyway. We're on holiday!! :)

Episode 2

While tanning, we discovered that Hup was reading The Game by Neil Strauss. Sito bought the same book some time ago. What game? The game of pickup artists, as in picking up girls! One of the things mentioned in the book involved having interesting games etc as conversation topics. So Sito decided to play a game..

Sito: Imagine a desert. There's a cube, imagine its colour, size, position in the desert.. Then there's a ladder, imagine the material, number of rungs, position.. And now a horse..
mf: Camel can?
Guys: *blink blink*
Sito: A horse! Imagine its colour, its position..

So I gave my description first. My cube was at the bottom right of the desert, if you could imagine the picture in a TV, taking up 1/9 to 1/4 of the screen. It was green, looked synthetic.. Partially submerged in the sand..

Sito: The cube represents your ego. Yours is like, quite big ah.. Partially submerged isn't too good..
Hup: Mine almost fills the desert!
Sito: And floating right?!

The ladder was supposed to represent friends, the number of rungs referring to number of close friends. I had imagined six rungs. The horse meant love life. D'oh, my horse is at the horizon far far away!!! =(

Hup: My horse is at the foreground, eating grass on its own!
mf: Um, vegetarian?! :p

Episode 3

My shoulder started acting up; the left side had been hurting for a couple of days. So we went back to shower before meeting up in one room later. When Hup and I got the other room, we found Sito doing work - disgusting!! And he continued doing that while we watched Golden Eye on TV until we got tired.. Disgusting!

*** *** ***

I played a game on Sito's phone while they watched TV (and did work). It was therapeutic for my shoulder :p And easier than yoga, which Hup demo-ed. I'm afraid I'm not too flexible..

Sito: I pity your bf..


*** *** ***

Learnt a new word: ちんちん. It means penis in Jap :p

Episode 4


*Riiiing riiiing*

A chirpy voice from Bali Adventure Tours woke us up to confirm our pm adventure with them..

Ok, a secret is about to be revealed..

Hup: Let's prank-call them?
mf: Ok!

Heh heh, so Sito and LY, the two early calls were from us, haha! :p

Episode 5
Hup: See, as your friends, we had to make sacrifices..
mf: What? I am the one making sacrifices here, to tolerate all this crap!


Episode 6
The sun was nothing short of yummy! But I still found the water too cold to step into.. Left the pool and beach to prepare for pm adventure..

A little bit of tan now.. :)

Episode 7
A poster on the 2-hour journey to Ayung River

Episode 8
Our guide Agung took a photo of us in our gear

We were all set for white water rafting!! :)

Episode 9
Besides Agung and the four of us, a 17-year old local girl Ayu sat with us. Hup and I sat in front, Sito and LY sat in the middle while Agung and Ayu took the last row.

This was the first time for the four of us and I doubt any of us knew what to expect. So we just followed Agung's instructions to FORWARD! BACKWARD! STOP! And when he went BOOM BOOM, we hung on as the avon hit a big rock! At some places, we kept turning in circles, going backwards with the river. Exciting!!

After a few rapids, they were all slightly wet..

Agung: M, you're still dry!



Episode 10
We reached a stretch of river with no rocks.

Agung: M, go down for a swim? :)
mf: Huh? I cannot!!!
Agung: Hup, you go down to swim?
Hup: Ok!

Wow, so spontaneous! So Agung pushed him off the avon!

Agung: M, go go!
mf: Huh?? Ok ok.. AHHHH!

When I surfaced, everyone was in the river!

mf: Yeeks, I swallowed some water..
Agung: No worries, I drink it all the time!

Um, ok..

Was having difficulty keeping my head up despite the life vest.. Was getting scared =(

Agung: You can stand up now..
mf: Cannot! Cannot!!!

They had to come get me, pushed my legs down to the riverbed - yes it was that shallow! - while holding my head up.. Hup helped me up the avon again.. Gee, cold!

Agung: Now everyone is wet! =D

Episode 11
Next stop was a waterfall. It was very shallow so I could step off the avon onto sand and walk to the gushing waters! Best part was that there was a pretty spectrum just beyond reach at eye level!

Perfect chance to take photo of Agung and Ayu too

*** *** ***

As we were about to leave, a group of aunties started putting their belongings on their head and waddling through the river in their panties, with their shirts pulled high to underbust! It was a sight to behold - all that cellulite, the jiggling butt cheeks..!

Agung told us they were selling drinks by the river. We were the last avon of the day so they were going home, one hour on foot!

Episode 12
We went by a number of people young and old taking their evening bath in the river..

Sito: mf, you can check out their ちんちんs..


There was, however, an ahmah who was washing her clothes as she took a bath. As we floated by, she looked up, smiled and waved at us, giving us a full view of her saggy breasts! Ewe!! I rest assured that I'll never become like that cos there isn't much breasts to begin with :p

Episode 13
Finally reached the end point after an hour plus. Again, Agung urged us to swim to shore. This time, I obliged and climbed out myself. But I hung on to the avon rope :p

Sito came to wean me off the rope and together with Hup, they brought me to my feet and walked to shore..


*** *** ***

I hugged Ayu goodbye and told her to study well. Such a sweet young thing..

Episode 14
We had to walk uphill to get to the changing rooms. For the first time in my life, I had to walk more than two minutes on land in my swimsuit, and with tens of locals following us to promote their goods!

Now we were clean, and happy with the whole rafting thing!

It wasn't as scary as I had seen on TV/ imagined, quite mild actually. But for a first-timer, fun!! :)

Episode 15
We asked the driver to drop us at Jimbaran instead. Chose a seafood restaurant for dinner..

One of them became our dinner..

The king prawns had scary looking legs that were BLUE!

Episode 16
After the yummy dinner under the starry skies, we decided that we hadn't had enough of both food and stars. Bought some snacks and sat at the poolside for a while, admiring the stars.. until it got too cold!

Thanks to Hup, I had blue bath as well :) Very nice after a tiring day of paddling and climbing stairs..

Episode 17
Put on a cream mask while Hup was showering. Sito and LY came by. Hup finished his shower. The mask felt ready to be peeled off. I went to the bathroom and.. eh? Couldn't peel!

LY: Maybe you applied too thinly?
mf: But I put it on real thick!

Sighs.. I wiped off with cotton instead..

Offered my remaining mask to the guys. Sito took it but..

Sito: Why don't you put it on for me?
mf: Kek?!
Sito: 送佛送到西,帮人帮到底

Hence I became a beautician.. Last I did something like that was when I was five - I cleaned my father's face..

Episode 18
A family with a very cute baby girl sat at the breakfast table next to us. Very cute :)

*** *** ***

Somehow we were talking about inflicting pain.. Um, I can't remember exact context but Sito offered his arm for me to pinch. I pinched and I pinched but he didn't flinch *.* At that moment, an attendant came by to refill tea. He looked at us, smiled, and did "magic" to Sito's arm. There was some pop sound..

Episode 19
Decided to save paragliding for next trip. We stayed in the sun for a very long time instead..

LY became a lobster at the end of it..

(And that wasn't the end!)

Eh? Hup looks naked!

Do we look alike? Someone thought we were siblings AGAIN! Heh, must be the cheek bones :)

Episode 20
Tried to play table tennis but Sito and I couldn't really play :p So went on to the pool table. I hit the black ball in for the first game - very early in the game :p But I won the next!!! Yeah!!

Episode 21
Went to the poolside bar for a drink and some chips.

The attendant who refilled our tea that morning walked by, recognised us and pinched his arm! So funny! I took a picture with him but I'm not posting it cos the posture made me look fat :p

But this is cute! :)

Episode 22
Somehow they convinced me to try floating.. I ended up looking like a freaking corpse!

Episode 23
Hup taught us a game. Put one foot in front of the other, the front foot of each player should be in contact. Then.. SCISSORS PAPER STONE! The winner moves front foot way behind, the loser moves back foot to touch the front foot of the winner.. After consecutive wins, it's no longer possible to for the loser to touch the winner's foot and it's a clear win! Yeah! :p

*** *** ***

We turned beached whales for a while more before packing up. Oh, salsa-ed a bit on the sand too..

Episode 24
mf: Hey, there's a flower tan on my butt cheek!!
Hup: Oh! The flower print on your bikini!
Sito: I want to see!
mf: Kek?!
Sito: Not your butt, just the flower at the top only..
mf: No way. Period.

Episode 25
Cabbed to Bali Collections at Nusa Dua. Sat at Starbucks for a while. Sito bought a Nippon jersey jacket. I was tempted by a Brasil one but it didn't fit me too well.. Saw a very nice shirt at FCUK. Hup tried it but decided not to get it. I still think it's a very nice shirt :)

Episode 26
Changed money at a shop right outside hotel. The chaps seemed crafty. They gave us small notes then took everything back to give us bigger notes. Indeed, later in the room, Hup found himself short of 200k rupiahs! But there was no way getting them to return once we left the shop..

Episode 27
Bubba Gump came to fetch us to their restaurant. We had more seafood! Like Hup said, "we're on holiday!"

Ah look, the cute drinks menu!

Hey hey! Watch it!

Episode 28
After LY sizzled and burnt the day before, we went indoors for breakfast. For the nth time, I noticed the same two very cute guys.. who were together and didn't look like brothers..

mf: What does it mean if two guys go to a beach resort together?
Hup: Well, I went to Cancun with Sito..?
mf: Kek? Um, ok..
Hup: And Santorini with Andy too..
Sito: It doesn't mean anything la..

Episode 29
More tanning.. LY stayed in the room to watch TV since he was already burnt! Sito and Hup went to play pool after a while. They then tried to get me into the water. But I refused to budge. I wanted to get brown lying there!

But we had to check out soon.. So I went to get them from the pool.

Guys: Come in!
mf: No, cold.. Better get going..
Sito: Come in first!
Hup: Ok la, we should go..

Hup walked up and as I turned to walk too, Hup pulled me back! Sito was roped in to drag me into the cold water!

mf: Hup, I thought you were my friend =(
Guys: We are! :)
Sito: Ok, now we can go, you're wet already..


Episode 30
The DOI (Declaration of Interest) happened during lunch..

Actually Sito was trying to guess which hand Hup was thinking about :p

He tried on LY and me too. Not easy.. Especially on me, cos I've always had a weak pulse.. Remember? I'm like a corpse :p

*** *** ***

Had a massage after the lunch. Not too happy with it. Felt like I paid someone to touch me.. Yeeks!

*** *** ***

Walked out of the spa. Something fell onto my left cheek as I walked under a tree! Bird shit?! AGAIN?!! It was something yellowy and powdery, none of us was sure if it was poopoo.. At least it wasn't like last time.. Still I was so disgusted! My luck, twice in a month *.*

Got to the airport early. Ate, shopped, talked..

Hup: Go Phuket in Sep..
mf: Huh? You've decided on your next holiday even before you left for Bali!

*** *** ***

Sito: There's a smell about you..
mf: o_O Perfume?
Sito: Not perfume..

Oh no, I'm so disturbed.. *.*

*** *** ***

Sito had my camera, looking at the DOI photo..
Hup: Hey, delete that photo la..
Sito: Ok ok!
mf: Nonono!
Sito: Ok, if you go mmmm.. *gross demo*
mf: No way!

The guy sitting opposite us started giggling..! I successfully fought for my camera..

*** *** ***

Watched Summer Time Machine Blues on the flight back. At one point, I laughed until Hup and Sito tried to change channels for me..

*** *** ***

So fun! I'm missing Bali already, sighs..

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