Monday, 26 June 2006

My old Fujitsu is dying =(

Was trying to blog yesterday but it restarted itself and everything was lost..

Anyway, just three things:

a) Very expensive beans - My fully packed Sat became loosely packed when two appointments fell apart unexpectedly. My luck to wander into the Hokkaido Fair at Isetan - bought some 500g (or less) grilled beans at $15! Made a beeline for the theatre straight after to avoid further spending..

b) Met Hup for tea and shopping after that. His horoscope said he would be spending serious money that day. And he did - on a ton of skincare products for his mum. And the shopping didn't stop there. This is what self-fulfilling prophecy is about :p

c) Next was dinner with KLK. HL was there - haven't seen her for a while! She rebonded her hair that day, so both of us had straight hair :) Kel almost forgot his credit card as we left the restaurant - if so, it would be the third thing he lost in a week! "Loser" :p We verified that Kok MUST talk! We tried to get him to stop talking so he could finish his dinner asap (he was very late from work) and we could leave for kopi - not too successful!

I have henna on my right hand now, an amateur job from a carnival yesterday where CY was selling some toys. So I'm wearing my red Punjabi suit today :)

Good luck to all for a brand new week, which also marks the end of half of 2006!

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  1. this is a bit slow, but how come your pockets of happiness dun have me one? so sad... Na


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