Tuesday, 6 June 2006

mf's big walk

You know how when you plan to do something, some last minute stuff will crop up and spoil your plans but when you are most unprepared, an opportunity suddenly avails itself?

Had wanted to try walking back from office for so long but every time I turned up in comfortable trousers and flat shoes, I was caught up with work. That pair of flats had since died on me *.* Was in a dress and kitten heels yesterday when I managed to clear the day's work by 650pm - amazing! Despite wearing the wrong shoes, I decided to walk!

Went at a brisk pace. Last I walked so fast I was in Oxford trotting between 177A Iffley Road and 1 South Parks Road. It took me 15min to get to Braddell MRT, another 5min to SPH.. And suddenly I didn't know how to continue! I knew Bishan Road was just behind SPH, but I wasn't sure if I should round to the left or the right.. Vaguely remembered it was likely left, so I went that way ie back the way I came from - must discount 5min from total time..

Cut through the JTC factory and found Bishan Road right in front! Very happy. I carried on and reached J8 by 720pm. Spent 20min roaming NTUC buying foodstuff - so auntie! :p - before continuing my walk. This part of the journey was a lot more familiar. I got back at 8pm. Discounting 25min, the walk from office took only 45min, shorter than my estimation of about an hour!

Very happy I finally did it!! :) And I didn't break my toes either!

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  1. glad u enjoyed the walk.....next time u want to walk back to amk, let me know...i can walk with u too... *_*


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