Wednesday, 21 June 2006

A pinch of happiness

I like what Siok said about small pockets of happiness. It's true, if we would just be a little bit more observant and receptive, we can spot and appreciate many little things that literally fill us with joy!

Happiness is a fascinating emotion. It's like little beams of sunshine (or candy or imagined smiley faces) piling up from my tummy, and, if it's a very very happy piece of joy, filling me up so quickly the happiness flies up to my chest until I almost couldn't breathe before it finally bursts through my face and manifests itself in a smile! That's called sharing :)

mf's random pinches of happiness:

1) Clear skies! Lovely weather! Billions of stars!
2) Catching Meh's gaze on me and I smile at her..
3) Having a good time with my buddies, definitely - time spent wasting away is not wasted
4) A good dance! Any dance!
5) Cute toddler coming round to shout "kopi!"
6) Prospects of a relaxing afternoon or holiday
7) Daydreaming - about my room, my desired weight, my prince..?
8) A smell that reminds me of a wonderful time in my childhood
9) Carrying a pretty cheery brolly on a rainy day
10) Strolling back from office - me time!
11) Sweating it out on Saturday mornings - in the park, not with some handsome stranger unfortunately, but still happy :p
12) Holding a little hand, or let the little hand grab my finger for support
13) A flashback memory of me walking down High St, Oxford, in spring when the street posts are adorned with flowers!
14) Reminiscing about the good old days, sharing an old joke..
15) A silky terrier (my fave dog!) comfortably settled in its owner's arms, eyes peeking through its beautiful fur *cute*
16) Sight of cute stuff - yes I'm a sucker for those forwarded emails of cats, dogs and babies, not nec in that order!
17) Feeling pretty in my usual frock..

The list continues but enough of me (for now)..

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