Sunday, 11 June 2006

Just typing

Sometimes I wish this blog were anonymous. No pictures of mf and her friends, no mention of even names. Then this can be a real bitching corner.. I mean, sometimes I would really really like to scold people! Oh wait, think I do scold some friends here, when they deserve it :p But I mean viciously scold people who step on me, you know.. *evil* Or I could talk about more private things.. Like the dead body under my floorboard, my current crush(es).. But I believe that what you don't want (some) people to know, you don't put it down in black and white, anonymous or not.. Google, Technorati, whatever search engines, I have no doubt of their capabilities :p

* My very concerned friends need not call me at midnight to asked about the fictitious crush(es)! (And SPF won't find any floorboard in the house either!)

This morning, Mrs Yeo called me to ask for YX's number. Chatted a bit.. Even she was concerned about me..

Mrs Yeo: I heard you are fussy..

Gaaar!!! Shut up, Sito! (See? I scold someone :p)

And I have Kel and Moh at my back too.. I shall not elaborate on their imagination.. (And I scold people again..)

This is one lazy weekend. And rainy.. And it's red letter weekend for some reasons.. My freshly painted nails in bright bold red to go with my white sandals, my nose after a bad nose day on Fri, my period that was earlier than expected (better than late! :p), two scratched pimples that bled, CCP's wedding today..

Oh, something funny albeit a bit ahem.. The other day, colleague was trying to borrow a tampon. I didn't have any with me but another colleague lent her a pad. She came back from the bathroom and went, "can barely walk in it!" I couldn't agree more!! Ever since I made the switch, I've never turned back. I just can't freaking walk with some cotton between my legs, no matter how ultra slim it is!

Yesterday, I knew I had to stay in to do some work. So I decided to use my night pads during the day. Result? I couldn't walk and was forced to sit there whole day, hence finishing my work! Smart strategy right? :p

Finally got into bed at 11pm, put on this Cantonese CD by Cass Phang which I love.. There's this song I was really into back in 1999 just before I left for Oxford. The lyrics are beautiful and the tune just brings them to life..


曲:劉諾生 詞:周耀輝 編:梁基爵







So I fell asleep listening to this soothing CD. If every period is like this one.. no, I don't think I'll have it every day, haha!

I'll go have some blueberry yoghurt now - actually my fave berries are strawberries but somehow the blue stuff tastes yummier in yoghurt..

I know, I'm getting fat.. HW said I looked fleshier in the last photo I posted here. Although just now at CCP's wedding, Whitedragon (can't get over the name!) said I lost weight.. But guess what, I put more trust in the girl's opinion! :p

Oh, I said I was going to eat yoghurt.. *scrambles away*


  1. It happens to me too, I can't say some things because I know that some people read ny blog, so I can't scold them hahahaha

  2. Doh, this is dubious. Why is my teacher looking for me? Did she find out I was the one who burned down the staffroom 8 years ago?! *gasp*

    *packs bag and buys the first ticket out of country*


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