Friday, 30 June 2006

Cabbing back from office..

Uncle: U-turn ah?
mf: Nono, CTE pls..

10 seconds later, he steered away from the entrance to expressway.

mf: Uncle, where are you going?
Uncle: Further up..

Huh? Why was he taking the long route?!

mf: Nvm, just U-turn since we're here.. Take Braddell Road..
Uncle: Marymount hor..
mf: *?* Nono, Braddell Road, Bishan Road.. Straight down..

30 seconds later, we were IN THE MIDDLE before the lanes split..

mf: Eh uncle, Braddell Road on the left!
Uncle: *steering to the right* The sign says Tomato Town, there there, see?

And he went onto Marymount Road!


Uncle: Nvm la, I very fast one. Go Marymount, reach very fast..

But guess what, Marymount was superpacked, the construction was still there, everyone was going by Marymount!

Very unhappy as I waited in the cab for the slow traffic. So I complained and told him Braddell-Bishan should be faster, not to mention shorter!

Uncle: You should have told me..
mf: I did!
Uncle: Go by CTE also the same..
mf: You missed the entrance, ok..
Uncle: Go down a bit just now what..
mf: Uncle, PIE can lead to CTE!
Uncle: *pause* Oh, like that ah..
mf: *incredulous* Did you just start to drive?
Uncle: Ya..

Wa liao! He had been talking like he drove a cab all his life and now this!

Going to take basic theory test today. Wish me luck, lots of luck pls..

1 comment:

  1. I'm late!!! But better late than never, right?
    Good luck!!!
    You don't need luck ;) Just pass it, "pim pam" and that's it.


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