Thursday, 22 June 2006

Post-birthday cele office banter

Ros: I like the mint in the choc mint cake..
mf: I prefer the choc, but this is not rich enough..
LH: Choc fudge then! It'll be orgasmic!
Siok: Hmmm, can lose weight.. *thoughtful* (LH just gave birth..)
TO: On fudge cake?!
mf: Must have orgasm in other ways *grin*
LL: Eh eh, got guys here leh..
LH: Nvm, we consider you one of us! *wink*

And inspired by today's Urban, we're going to do manicure during lunch time tomorrow!

Update 23 Jun 2006

We called for pizza and had tons to eat before embarking on a prettifying session with equipment from stockists mf, LH and LY! Pity I forgot my camera, sighs.. But it was fun! :)

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