Thursday, 8 June 2006


It was so windy when I got off the bus just now. The sky was completely overcast and it was starting to drizzle. Took the lift from basement instead of walking up the slope. Lucky, cos when I got out of the lift, it was pouring. Walked into my 15th floor office and saw the scene outside the window - frightening sight of dark clouds hanging over the entire region though bright morning sun peeked out from the horizon far away..

More talk about wind (and mf)

Have a stupid ulcer that is causing me much anguish. Don't make me talk unnecessarily. In fact, don't make me talk unnecessarily any day..

CY was looking for interviewees. If you are taking leave to watch World Cup, pls get in contact.. And speaking of that, Jens was funny: we Germans are not that fast in answering mails and getting things organised as you hardworking people in Asia, and now with the Soccer World Cup starting it may delay things as well :p

Oh, the big walk on Monday did break my toes after all.. Somewhat.. Found blood yesterday. Apparently, a nail cut into its neighbour toe =(

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