Friday, 23 June 2006

Meh - yes, again

I'm never sick of talking about Meh.

The other day, LH asked me about the photos in front of me at my desk.

mf: That's Meh! The love of my life! :)
LH: Why don't you get a dog or something responsive?

I have no time for a dog. In fact any interactive pet of mine will be very sad.. But Meh makes no demand on me for time and yet gives me the greatest comfort when she lies on my right shoulder at night.

The past two nights, I found myself waking up in the middle of the night, turned on my left and automatically grabbed Meh with me to hug close. I woke to find her right in front of me, head resting in my right hand. I woke up happy.

Sometimes, I wish Meh could be real so that she could hug me back when I'm scared, tired or sad. But it's weird to keep a real sheep, regardless of how sweet she is! Oh wait, my tutorial mate's sister had a calf for a pet.. Hmmm..

A long time ago, when my friend's sister's calf had become a cow and Meh was barely one, I was telling someone that - it sounds weird translated from Mandarin - "Meh is very nice/easy to sayang." He laughed and said I was projecting (part of?) my personality onto Meh..

Perhaps it's true, cos sometimes I find myself truly at ease only with her..

Maybe I'm never sick of talking about myself..

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