Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Babies are a blessing

This year started on a day when I got both good and bad news.

Towards the end of the work day, a colleague came by with sad news. After a difficulty start to the pregnancy, the details of which he had earlier shared with me, they had to suffer the worst news at the 20-week scan. There were multiple issues and they decided to terminate the pregnancy.

So he wanted to speak to a similarly non-religious person. He wanted to know what I thought about rites for an aborted foetus because a religious friend with a similarly sad story did that and suggested he do so too. Recalling my two angels in heaven, I told him he would have to find closure in whatever way suited him best.

I was feeling very sad until later that night when I got an email from a friend far away - she is pregnant with number three!

And last week, I was very happy to see a colleague with a baby bump. She sits at the other end of the office so I seldom meet her. But the last time we talked, I thought her face was rounder and told her so. She was surprised at the comment and said something about telling me later. I was secretly hoping for good news for her cos she lost a baby at full term two years ago. Many will be praying for her, I'm sure.

So far, I already know of seven babies this year - unplanned, accident, planned, tried like mad. Every time I see a baby bump, I would think that it's such a amazing thing, pregnancy.

Babies, 真的是可遇不可求的...

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