Saturday, 7 February 2015

The one who looks like me

Or I should say, I look like him? Seriously, check out these two photos:

Like ZY smiling

Like ZY expressionless

(while he looks bewildered and/or funny!)

My littler one turns seven months suddenly. He still cannot flip around but he can sit pretty well. A couple of times when he sprawled forward, he looked like he was going to crawl!

10 January - facing outwards finally

And he started eating his feet - so yummy...

Mum took out the baby chair for ZY - on the floor for now

So a whole month ago - gosh I haven't updated on ZY for a while! - I gave him food to hold and try. He had a slice of apple, the taste of which he seemed to like though of course he couldn't get a real bite out of it. And then he had some broccoli too - that didn't go down as well!

I prefer fruits to vegetables...

My baby is also a bag guardian :)

I love his red pyjamas - he looks so smart and cute plus he's extra soft and cuddly too! :) But he's going to outgrow them in no time. I had to keep some PJs and take out the bigger ones last month for this fast growing boy. It was fun doing that too, cos I piled the clothes on the bed in front of him!

Clothes pool is fun!

How do I look in this hat?

I bought and kept an avocado for a week plus before it ripened. Had I known it would take this long to ripen, I would have waited for the following week when I had time to go to the NTUC near my workplace to buy instead of getting it at Cold Storage downstairs - the price difference was staggering! So sad the NTUC near home doesn't have as much varieties of fruits and vegetables. The worst part? He didn't show much love for it *.*

It's pretty ... meh?

But I look cute enough to eat!

Mama loves the way my hair stands out in all directions

ZY's hair reminds me of pictures of little boys in my childhood - can't remember who drew them though, probably me? - who all had hair poking out of their head :p

ZY has a 可怜 face, awww...

The day Sito started on his new job started in cute way :)

And then he was off to Japan for a week and missed out on so much cuteness..

Tell me I'm not cute!!

And there's this brotherly love

He came back late last Friday night after ZK wetted his bed - that's a story for another day - so we were all awake for a while. Even ZY woke for milk. So there we were, eyes wide open in the kitchen at two plus in the morning. ZK wanted Sito's instant noodles so we let him try a little without the soup. It was spicy but he wanted more! I told him that he shouldn't eat so much at night or he would get nightmares.. And ZY gave me a look...

What nonsense are you talking about, Mama??

When ZY was born, he had two red lines behind his knees. But in the past few weeks, while the left side was all clear, the right side had gone from a line to a patch. There was also redness on his neck under his chin. We suspected eczema and bought some moisturising cream for him from a pharmacy. But eventually, we brought him to a dermatologist last Saturday.

Kissing my baby in the car while trying to distract him with the selfie mirror

The doctor gave him a mild steroid cream. I also bought expensive shower gel for him... A week on, the only redness left is on his neck and behind his right ear.

This week, one month after starting solids, I started him on dinner. He can eat a lot better now. He even finished up the sample bottle of carrot puree these two days! I'm looking forward to feeding him stuff beyond the usual cereals now :)

Love having an extra bowl to smear with carrot!

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  1. Dear me, ZY has an adorable rambutan head!! =D And I love his "WTH is this?!" look when eating broccoli. Heh.


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