Friday, 20 February 2015

Happy goat year!

On the eve of the Lunar new Year, ZK wore a shirt originally meant for Racial Harmony Day laat year - needed something for show cos he could not say 恭喜发财 yet... Or he refused to! And ZY decided to eat the Xiao Meh Meh - it's 扬扬吃羊羊过羊年 hoho!

I realised with a jolt that although I'm only 35 in the gregorian calendar, I just turned 37 in the lunar calendar - that's a tad too close to 40, hmmm... But nvm, I still feel like 25 - in mind la, cos the physical is definitely way past that.. No prize for guessing what who causes the ageing!

Parallel play time!


It's ok, I hug you...

I can't figure out ZY's expression...

Handsome boy pushing cute boy around in the bicycle

It's amazing how just two years ago, ZK could just about hold his weight on his legs. Look at him now! And it's his younger brother's turn now. For this LNY, I wish that these two little boys will grow strong and close - love them both!

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