Wednesday, 25 February 2015

LNY weekend

The LNY weekend was over in a flash. It has been fun but tiring cos it's after all, full-time child care!

For the Sitos, LNY started on the eve when we went over to Mum's place for reunion dinner, and brought along mandarin oranges too as they were off to Malacca the next morning. Mum prepared steamboat this year - we like steamboat :) But ZK was testing boundaries with his beehoon and the floor so there were tears. I was surprised that he offered a "sorry, Mama" though. We brought back a lot of food left over from dinner.

It seemed not so long ago that we had to stock up food over the LNY holidays cos the markets were closed and the shops took a break. Now that not everything is closed, we still have the habit of stocking up for at least the first couple of days - just in case! :p Mum gave us food; Mother made kuey; I bought flour in preparation for unrealised baking needs!

This year, Mother asked whether we wanted to go over for a meal too. I thought about that before but it's just too much trouble to go over for dinner on the eve of the eve, what with rushing from work and with two kids. Perhaps when the kids are bigger, or when Sito and I both decide to take leave. I should like to have those to-kill-for spring rolls one day!

Anyway, the eve ended nicely - even ZY did not cry at shower time despite having been awake for a long while, as if he knew it was LNY and time to keep awake! He woke late the next morning. I waited for him to wake before bringing out the hongbao for the kids.

I want!

What's inside?

I want to 买 biscuits!

I remember how I put ZK's first LNY hongbao under a bolster or pillow on his bed for him to find. But this ZY still cannot flip so he isn't going all over the bed yet. Oh well, I just handed the red packets to their welcoming hands.

A family shot at the level two lift landing - the boys in collared shirts while Mama wore checks like the kids

We drove to Mother's place, where ZK discovered various goodies on the coffee table. That was also where he started getting hungry all the time *.*

At Dua Gu's place, I suddenly found ZK looking around

And ZK fell asleep on the way

Eventually went over to Ah Yee's place where the steamboat was almost all set up! We started the ball rolling as ZK woke, hungry of course! Later, he also had a field day at the coffee table which was filled with LNY goodies... This year, ZK was old enough to roam around on his own and socialise with people. We didn't need to watch him much, nice :)

The cousins and the second cousins! :)

Source: Yan

We had lo hei using ham instead of yusheng! I let ZK stand on a stool at the table with a pair of chopsticks in his hands. When we started tossing, he must be feeling bewildered - what the?!!

Remembering our leftover reunion dinner food, we left shortly after the lo hei. ZK wanted to play a little at the playground downstairs so we let him. The cousins were playing there a long time ago :)

I don't want to come down and end playground time!

ZK surprisingly dozed off while watching videos on our bed, before ZY fell asleep! But we spent a horrid night cos ZY didn't sleep well. After many attempts, I decided to let him cry. But ZK woke and told us that Didi was crying.. Ah well, time to do work! :(

But we still managed to get to Vivocity early the next day! Took the express train to go along the outdoor promenade.


Curious baby :)

Is that a boat??


We went to do some grocery shopping after lunch. Both kids fell asleep on the way home! Later in the evening, Sito brought ZK down to the playground and ZK came back with a baluku *.*

Raised about 5 mm :(

Sito abandoned us to go out with his boys for dinner after helping to settle the kids' dinner. He redeemed himself by singing a song for me :) There was a video to prove it! But it was too large a file to send over so let's listen to the original:

Needless to say, I was very touched - the first song he sang for me!! That was waaaay better than peonies, Sito dear :)

We didn't do anything in particular on Saturday. By the afternoon, I was so tired I took a nap - full-time child care is tiring! We brought ZK to a playground again - the one at Paragon. It was full of monkeys!! *.* But it occupied him for while before we went to Taka to buy his expensive dried blueberries and get dinner.

Sunday was another visiting day. We went to Mum's place as usual before visiting my old boss - so many children! Think there were all 11 of them, aged seven months to 12 years. We watched ZK whine in front of an older boy, fight a littler girl and lose, approach strangers to tell them about his biscuits and told the host that his biscuit was "not for you"!

I think the whole LNY feel ended on a high note on Monday. The team at work had a big lunch at Swatow at Toa Payoh, with yusheng and so much food that it was like a wedding dinner! Then in the evening, I went to JK's wedding dinner - congrats!! - at Peony Jade at Clarke Quay, with yusheng as the started and sticky rice cake for dessert! It was also great to see the old TGPS group again :)

And now, it's 人日 - no yusheng today but I think I've had enough this year! Oh wait, I have a work event this Saturday that starts with yusheng *.* Oh well!! I'll be sure to reduce the amount of oil added!!!

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