Friday, 13 February 2015

My funny valentine

These days, our days are filled with joy largely because our ZY is so so cute and our ZK says and does the darnest things. But I must not forget the person who helped bring them into our life - my husband, who says and does the darnest things too..

Think we were discussing about food one night, and..

Sito: 我是 consultant,我不用看到都知道是对的!


We were washing up the kids one Sunday and for some reason, we started talking poo poo, and this came to mind:

Shit's always on your mind
From the time you wake up,
Till you close your eyes.
Shit's everywhere you go
Shit's all you know...

Sito: That's right!


And then there's the issue of the standing avocado... I left an avocado on the dining table to ripen. He came into the room and mimicked the avocado..

The avocado is standing like this...

(And I think he came in to tell me that in the midst of cooking supper - check out the instant mee block in his hand!)


So we're planning to head down to Chinatown tomorrow night.

Sito: It's LNY and Valentine's Day outing!
mf: Oh ya hor! Haha!
Sito: Instead of roses, I may get you a peony!

Huh? 哪里来的?Haha!

It's a weekend to look forward to :)

Update 15 Feb 2015

So we didn't come across any peony last night. On the way home, though...

Sito: I'll go buy rice tomorrow..
mf: ...
Sito: 金牡丹 rice!
mf: Nooooo!
Sito: *relentless* And I'll cut out the peony on the package...!

PS: We finally came across some fake peony at Chinatown Point this evening but no, thanks!

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