Wednesday, 31 December 2014

As 2014 comes to a close (3)

I had only planned two - one for the kids, one for Sito+mf and just me. But as I looked through my photos, I realised that this concluding series for the year wouldn't be complete without talking about my friends.

One of the most significant things that happened with a friend this year must be CY and me being pregnant together and giving birth two months apart. It's so amazing that we've been pals for 20 odd years and now we're mums together. Gee, I feel old writing that last line!

My pregnant bestie and pregnant me, February 2014

I used to take pictures all the time. I still do - with the kids, less so with my friends. So this is a rare shot! Just sad that this isn't the whole lot of us. Still, the additions of the spouses and kids showed how far we have come!

My kopi/prata/whatever kakis, August 2014

So I went back to my old haunt after ZK at the beginning of last year. I'm still there, fortunately or unfortunately! *.* I give credit to my fun colleagues for taking the sting off the actual job!

My colleagues, May 2014

We were five and then we dropped the only male so that we could meet in the city on weekdays - evil :p I just realised I've been on holiday with all three of them, albeit of various durations: LS and G to Amsterdam, SX and G to Spain, G to Scandinavia. And LS and I had overlapping maternity leave - twice! Now that G has relocated to HK, our next lunch will be one girl short...

My city girls, November 2014

There are others as well, not captured on photos. There's Jo who's now in Germany - I just realised I haven't seen her in person for five years! And there's Yan, though technically, she's my cousin not my friend.. Also thought of SL - who knew that a chance meeting at Mothercare turned a friend's wife into a friend too, ha!

So with this (and perhaps a supper?), I guess I've rounded up my 2014. Here's a wonderful 2015!! Happy new year!

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