Sunday, 28 December 2014

Fire engines galore!

Not many know that our fire stations are open to visitors every Saturday morning. We decided to head for the nearest fire station the Saturday before Christmas - Alexandra Fire Station. We were so fortunate that the weather was beautiful so we parked at Ikea and walked over.

ZK likes to "twist" these days

I have seen photos of fire station visits at this fire station and the Central Fire Station - full of people! We kept our fingers crossed that people might still be away for the holidays that day... And then we saw two bus loads of students just before we got in *.*

But no problem, we got a separate tour, yeah! But as the staff were busy with preparation and the big group, we waited a bit.

A rare shot of ZK in his helmet from a nice lady in uniform

Before our visit, he kept talking about fireman's hats, bah! Same thing for the fireman, ZK practically ignored him. So Sito wore the real helmet and put on the heavy gear.

Sito suited up a little following an explanation on the parts of the fire engine

While ZK climbed up the truck and refused to come down!

I love it here!

Look at me, so high up!

Luckily, the staff were very nice and the tour was super kid-friendly - kids are free to explore safely! But eventually we coaxed him down to get to other parts.

Why are Papa and Mama so happy? I want to climb into a fire engine...

Into, not in front!

We couldn't go up the CPL - forgot what it stands for but it allows a platform to be raised up to 12 floors. Next was the smaller fire engine, the Red Rhino.

I want out!

Now I climb all I want behind Papa and Mama, yeah!

(Oh my gosh, I have fat arms!!!)

And then we went to waste some water.. Seriously, I thought it was such a waste of good water! I mean, it's nice to let visitors have a taste of what it's like hosing down a fire but perhaps each visitor should be limited to 10 seconds of hosing... Btw, we were spraying into a wall of trees, beyond which was apparently a very wet field.

At a pressure of 3 on a range of 1 to 10

Sito said the pressure was enough to force him back a little. Must be hard handling the water AND the heavy boy! The guy next to ZK is our guide that morning, Bryan, who was very nice to troublesome ZK :)

Another family of four joined us while we were at the first fire engine. While waiting for them to be done with the water, ZK found an ambulance. Oh, we also heard about three ambulance calls during our time there.

Driving, driving in my car...

Next, the pole! By then, we had more families and kids. We had to chant "firemen, firemen, please come down" (or "come down now", forgot :p) before the staff demonstrated the typical bear hug and a Singapore style - the latter looked a lot more stylo! Sito said anything Singapore style probably took less effort. Hoho!

So, which is which?

We moved on to the next part - fire bikes!

Heh heh... I press!

My boys! (We deposited ZY at infant care...)

I went up the bike too!

Our final stop was the control room. The station can control the traffic lights right outside so that in an emergency, the fire engines and ambulances can go out smoothly.

ZK being all serious and Papa being smiley

Papa's face changed when ZK turned kaypoh haha!

And so we ended our visit. Just nice for a little shopping at Ikea!

ZK in the trolley with elephants = no toddler running amok, phew!

ZK said he was hungry so we headed for the restaurant. Sito came back with meatballs, french fries, seafood rings, nasi lemak and a log cake. But ZK didn't want the meatballs or french fries! So just the seafood rings and log cake for him..

Wefie while waiting for Papa

A 3.5-year-old boy started crying behind us when we started eating. Kaypoh ZK got off his chair to ask him, "Are you ok?" So cute!!!!!!

In return, the boy shared his video

We had a good time! I think we'll make another trip, perhaps two years later with ZY? :)

Went to pick ZY up on the way home. And this ZK fell asleep during the short journey between school and home. Street clothes on the bed, yucks! But no choice...

My sweet tot, fast asleep

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