Sunday, 7 December 2014

A very tired FTWM

The past month has been tough - I started work and lost my daytime naps, but night duties continue unabated. In fact, the past two weeks were hell cos ZY suddenly went from one night feed to multiple night feeds!

The second Wednesday after I started work was the ultimate. I was lying next to ZK while he watched some videos after his shower, which was very usual. But I dozed off and only woke when I heard ZY in the next room. I went to settle ZY but guess what? I dozed off there! I came to at about 9 pm and ZK was asleep in his bed *.* I learnt from Y the next morning that ZK went in on his own. As for me, well, I went back to my room and was dead to the world until ZY cried in the middle of the night. I didn't even hear Sito come home.

One day, I decided to have some chicken essence to keep me up at night else I couldn't do work or other stuff at night. Guess what? I still passed out early that night :(

The past week plus was worse due to a running nose. Probably because I dozed off in the kids' room without a blanket and caught a chill. When I got well, Sito came down. And as he got better, I succumbed again! This afternoon was so bad, so bad... I'm better now after some medicine and ginger tea. Wondering if I should drag my sorry ass to work tmr... Maybe I should just work from home and nap during lunch..

I don't recall being this tired when I returned to work after ZK. Must be age *.*

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