Tuesday, 30 December 2014

As 2014 comes to a close (2)

This year marks our fifth as husband and wife, eighth as a couple, and more than a decade as friends :)

And it's all good!

Despite two kids, I'm glad we still find time to do things together as just the two of us.

Like having steamboat buffet with free flow XLB? :p

We didn't start going on date nights until this year when ZK was more than 18 months. With ZY, however, we were more relaxed - we've been out a few times already! But the best dates are full-day daytime dates - we've watched a few movies this month, just like old times :)

And posed in front of the Taka Christmas tree again!

The kind chap who took it for us did a great job!

It has been a good end to 2014 for us both :)

And I haven't talked about mf and only mf for some time.. Well, so I went from this:

... to this:

The newly rebonded hair is no longer poker straight but I love my new look! Went to Sito's hairstylist downstairs at Shunji Matsuo and he did a good job, especially with my fringe - leave it to me, he said, and I'm glad I did!

Just weighed myself - I'm 1 kg heavier than I thought *.* But it's after dinner so I think I'm still only 4 kg away from my pre-ZK weight instead of 5 kg! I'm not one to exercise but I like to eat healthy though it's sometimes hard to fend off temptations...

So in recent months, we started to do away with meat at dinner time. I'm perfectly happy with just vegetables and even Sito has got used to it. We still get meat when we eat out but this one small step is significant - we have introduced more colours into our meals! I especially love brinjals and yellow zucchinis! Hopefully, that will lead to healthier us :)

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