Thursday, 18 December 2014

An honest boy

You know the story - a boy found something somewhere and returned it to is rightful owner, earning him the title. I've written a super uncreative version of it back in primary school. And this week, I was reminded of this because of my very honest boy.

It was Monday morning when I was ill. I was in a tee that covered beyond my hips and wearing a pair of culottes that hugged my hips. ZK came into the room after he got changed. Somehow we ended up squatting on the floor. And his honesty shone through:

ZK: 妈妈有 tummy! *poking at my muffin top*
mf: .... 是的。ZK 有没有 tummy 呢?
ZK: No... *looking down at his belly*
mf: 有!每个人都有 tummy!Neh! *rubbing his belly*


But he redeemed himself the very next day. I just got changed and came out of the room to check on him as he was still having breakfast. He saw me and went, "nice!"

Nice Mama, even without makeup (but I put on makeup for the photo :p)

So honest, right? :)

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