Monday, 29 December 2014

As 2014 comes to a close (1)

This is for the kids. Next will be for Sito and me.

2014 has been such an exciting year. ZK has gone from few words to full sentences, and got promoted to a big brother when ZY came along.

He has also grown much taller!

We were at RWS last Saturday and at one point, I was watching ZK run about in his long jeans, which made him look really tall, and I thought, boy, has he grown! I really regret that it's not possible to video everything. I can only try to remember as much as I can.

ZK likes elephants, like his Papa, and he makes a sound that's like "ba-woo"

Very pleased with himself for being on the little ledge

But there are still things to work on...

Like his addiction to YouTube...

Though it keeps him quiet...

And his sleep - he wants to watch YouTube endlessly!

We were out at dinner when I took a screenshot off the camera. I saw him watching YouTube and spoke to him through the camera. He turned to look at the camera but didn't go to bed until a while later.

We much prefer him to watch Lion King on the laptop instead, where he has only two choices - to watch or not to watch, compared to YouTube where he has too many options and he keeps changing and skipping videos. Too many options are not a good thing from the development point of view.

And, speaking of Lion King, we find it educational - the cubs say "please"; Simba was naughty and reprimanded by his father; Simba says "sorry", there's good and there's evil; there's friendship and kinship; there's nature. Every time we watch it, either of us tries to give him a running commentary and ask him questions. He has only watched the whole movie at one shot once; the rest of the time, he just watched until "hakuna matata". His favourite scene is the stampede that killed Mufasa.

Took this photo while he was watching Lion King and having a brownie

(Poor Papa!)

Another thing to work on is brushing. It's hard work every morning! So we haven't progressed to twice a day yet. As the photo isn't clear, when he ate brownies the next day while watching Lion King again, I put a mirror in front of him to show him how dirty his teeth are!

ZY, of course, brought with him so much changes that I sometimes find it hard to record everything.

I can't flip yet but I can sit!

Ok, this is assisted but he's so cute - check out his chin!

So cool!

He prefers sitting to lying down already

And ZY is such a joy. More than once, teachers told me that he was such a nice boy to care for. Even teachers for other classes know him. I beamed every time. It's nice not to heard the word "cranky" often at all!

See? I'm a happy boy!

And I'm so happy to see that he likes books! The other day, we sat down to read together :)

English for ZK, Chinese for ZY

I want honey, like the bear!

And so that's it for this year. I'm expecting more in 2015 - for ZK to become more 懂事 as he turns three, and for ZY to eventually walk and progress to table food after we start him on solids come 1 January. Certainly looking forward to more cuteness too!

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