Wednesday, 10 December 2014

First late night out since forever!

AY who worked on the film invited us for the premiere last Thursday, 4 Dec 2014, which was also the opening of the Singapore International Film Festival.

Our tickets for "The Crossing" - 太平轮, part 1

Mum came over to help with the kids as I needed to leave the house at about 7.30 pm to meet Sito for dinner - we had Macs at Lido, hoho! And then it was red carpet time!

Us first, while waiting for stars to show up

Zhang Ziyi showed up first - she's so pretty!

mf: We're both in red but, omg, she's so pretty!
Sito: You're pretty too, just different..


Then John Woo, his wife and his daughter joined her on stage. We couldn't hear very well so we left shortly to get to the cinema.

The stage outside Lido

We were heading for the ticketing area after a trip to the toilet when we realised that Zhang Ziyi was headed our way! We stood aside as the entourage went by - she's really so pretty! :)

We found Sito's friend back at the ticketing area, and got our wristband to get into the guest area. Sito had a champagne - just nice as a celebration of his work stuff that day but being the breastfeeding mama that I am, I had a sip of some gross orange liquid *.*

My wristband, taken downstairs on the way home

Soon AY came over and passed us our tickets. Chatted and waited quite a while there and outside the theatre before the doors opened way after the stated time - there was another premiere, "Unlucky Plaza".

The director's family and Tong Dawei on stage in the theatre before the movie started

"The Crossing" was a love story set in the late 1940s during China's civil war. I liked the love story part more than the battles but I must admit the latter gave meaning to the former. There were a number of characters and despite the short duration of two hours, they were all given depth. And it was not all serious battles and soapy love tales. I particularly liked a scene of three soldiers from two sides sharing a roast rabbit in the forest!

It was, what, 1.00 am when we got home?? So what happened to the kids in between? Well, I kept checking the cameras when we were outside!

ZK had a field day, non-stop videos on our bed! *.*

He eventually got tired and went to bed at 8 plus, phew! But ZY cried and Y brought him to our bed to avoid waking ZK. I saw him there before the movie started and texted Y to make sure he was placed away from the edge.

A littler boy on our bed - and I love our cameras!

I think the last time I came home after midnight was before ZK was born! Goodness... Think I can't do this anymore - the next day after we returned from dinner, I was knocked out soon after I cleaned up, totally KO-ed!

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