Sunday, 7 December 2014

Under one roof for five years :)

We last danced on 5 Dec 2009 at our wedding :)

This year, we took leave to go out - just the two of us :) But before that, check out what's on my office desk!

Oink! Meh! Moo!

First flowers from Sito since Kellogg :) It's not practical - we both know - but it's still such a sweet gesture! And a surprise no less - normally I don't return missed calls from unknown numbers but I found three missed calls on my phone on Thursday from a mobile number so I called back. The deliveryman very unromantically told me that he called many times to deliver flowers from my hubby hoho! He came to the office at lunch time, of course no receptionist to open the door la!

I contemplated bringing it back but it was too heavy so I left it on my desk - to show off, as colleague AT suggested. Colleague CSL said, "是传说中的 Sito 送的吗?" ^.^

On Friday, we were on our way to Daiso when we saw that there was a M1 distributor shop in ION. Time to redeem Sito's present!

Made this e-voucher for Sito when he complained about his dying phone some days ago

He's now playing with his new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, right next to his elder son who's watching kiddy videos on YouTube *.*

Lunch at Sushi Ichi

It was a 16-course lunch! It was a mix of items from the chef counter and the kitchen. We had tofu skin to start with - silky soft and yummy. Then we had flower crab with some vinegar sauce, served with a bamboo chunk, a tomato wedge and edamame.

The crab meat was nicely placed in a shell - no crabby fingers!

Flounder sashimi for wrapping the onions and chilli, to be dipped in soy sauce

Conch sashimi and chutoro were next - the Japanese chef showed us an empty conch shell when he saw that we didn't understand him!

Next from the kitchen, we have this wonderful platter that we were supposed to eat from left to right. The wagyu was amazing!

Crab and ikura, wagyu, prawn, pepper tempura, gingko nuts on some fish, and sweet potato

The next item was also from the kitchen - shark's fin atop some fish or crab, forgot :p Then the sushi started! We had snapper, abalone and bluefin tuna, served one after the other. The abalone was unlike others I've had before - I don't really like abalone but this one was yummy!

Chirashi with gold flakes! And I had uni for the first time!

The soup came in a tall soup cup, not too salty. And then we were ready for more sushi!

Ootoro! It melted lor *drool at the thought*

Chef Keisuke Ohno at work - we like him, such a nice and friendly chap :)

We were getting full by then but there were still Japanese tiger prawn, eel, tamago and some gourd thing. We were very full in the end...

But there's still space for Japanese fruits! So sweet!

That was such a good lunch. The service was impeccable - the lady saw me reaching for my tissue in my bag which was in a basket behind my chair, and came over with a box of tissue serviettes. The staff also changed our cups every time instead of refilling them. Ya, it was the most expensive meal for us both so far but this was the perfect day for splurging, not? :)

But we were late for our movie, not that we missed much la, we realised. Watched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. That was our second movie in less than a day - more of the first movie later...

Then Sito went to check out Kinokuniya while I went to Daiso :p When we met again, we signed up for ION rewards and claimed a free Magnum from the Magnum booth. But it had champagne so I had just a teeny bit...

Went to fetch the kids together - ZK was happy to see us and ZY didn't know a thing haha!

With the kids settled for the night - which means ZY sleeping and ZK happy with videos *.* - we set off for our dinner at Swee Choon!

Outdoor seating with Sito on the sunny side and me on the "rainy" side - those darn aircon!

It was such an amazing dinner! We had so much! And we had this new thing we never had before - mee sua cake - and it was so good!! We didn't feel too full also, which was good. And at $45, it was about 5% of the cost of our lunch!

Jalan Besar is quite an interesting area, we thought. So we took the opportunity to walk around. And soon, we found ourselves relaxing on a chair having foot reflexology hoho! Well, we parked at Jalan Besar Plaza - per entry $1.50 so might as well make full use of it! We got home by 10.30 pm or so. We could really get used to having the convenience of a car - otherwise, we'll just hang around town area.

We got home to find the kids still sound asleep. And very soon, we were too haha! Old already, cannot tahan consecutive late nights.. But somewhere in Orchard that day, we thought it was like our dating days again, with us both younger and walking hand-in-hand :) (as opposed to taking one kid each!)

We could do this again :)

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