Saturday, 9 September 2017

Yu turns 11 months today on 9/9!

And he fell off the bed for the fourth time in as many months! :( And I can't believe it but think three of these four happened on his monthsary!!!

We were breastfeeding in bed this afternoon. Sito needed a pin from his bank token so I got up to get N to watch Yu while I settled the admin. He was in the middle of the bed when I left him. When I turned around from the door, he was smiling at me from the edge and as I reached for him, he slipped off!!!

I saw his tiny forehead hit the floor and he cried :( I thought it was the area from his right eye and up but a bruise on the middle of his forehead informed me otherwise. My poor baby. I shouldn't have left him alone. He may know how to get off the bed but accidents could still happen.

Getting off the bed legs first

On a happier note, he has really grown this month! New half tooth, more words, more actions, closer to walking...

To the sian-ness of Sito, he said a new word that is not papa - bear! I attribute that to my constant reading of Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See. So I brought out his Gleneagles bear for him.


And this week, he started saying "bread" - not papa again?! - coz N has been giving him bread in the morning while I snuggled with Yang just a little bit more while he wanted me :p But he eats more than just food...

"Why? Why can't I eat stickers??"

"Can I eat my first ziplock paint then?"

"Ok, I eat ball!"

Yu is very troublesome at changing time. Every diaper change is a struggle. Every post-shower is a struggle. But plastic balls buy me a little quiet time. This evening, I managed to put on his diaper properly before he turned and crawled off! And speaking of that, I realised that I haven't managed to take a photo of Yu in the bathtub! He's soooo cute!

This boy is quite the daredevil - he likes to just stand up in the middle of nowhere, and smile! A few times, when I was near, he started to bounce too. So scared he would just fall and hurt himself.

He loves the camera...

Playing in the dark during his bedtime routine

This afternoon, he decided to stand up and show off!

Now we have fallen into some sort of bedtime routine. We'll read and play a little at the shelf before milk. After milk, he is seldom drunk so he will crawl around the room - I have to lock the door to prevent him from going out and to prevent his brothers from coming in!

Playing a little before milk milk

He seemed very taken with the fish!

It takes some time for him to go to sleep. There were a couple of days when I could just pat pat him and he would sleep. But most days, I had to rock him madly. Or like these two evenings, I simply held him still while I sat down and let him cry until he dozed off!

He still wakes for milk. Many times, he crawled all the way to our bed before anyone heard him! Within a week or so, he became super skilled in pulling open his door. And at least once a night, he would refuse to go back to sleep. Sometimes, he'll grind his 2.5 teeth, argh! So I'll spend two hours patting and rocking him. On Thursday night, I let him roll on my bed until he fell asleep.

How I wish he could be like Kai who got drunk on milk easily! This baby Yu gets distracted and moves around a lot during nursing.

See how he shifted until he was almost standing?!

He can even slide off the hipseat via little movements! And if we're in a car, he'll just move off the hipseat. He can even stand and get out of the soft carrier *.*

Shadow of a still Yu on hipseat

Back-carried him once! He didn't seem to like it...

My carrier is really old now. But not going to get a new one. The hipseat comes with an attachment that I could use to transform into a carrier, just that I can't back-carry him. I would really love to! Will try again :)

Was sitting on the floor in front of the TV while he moved about this evening, as we were waiting for someone to repair the TV which died suddenly yesterday. He had his back to me as he played with the music table. Such a tiny back, his sleeveless onesie showing off his cute tiny shoulders. And I thought - no baby of mine will ever be this small again. He's troublesome, as are his brothers, but must really really treasure every moment with him and his brothers.

His brothers love him too!

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