Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The big, the funny and the eh-eh-eh

We had a nice evening today.

I was looking forward to seeing my babies on my way back home. Got to school and everyone was happy to see me :)

Back at the carpark, I opened the door to get out with Yu and touched the door of the car next to me. Owner who happened to be about to drive off heard it and came down to inspect. Of course everything ok, just a normal bump. But I didn't want to make him come over again so when it was time for me to grab the bags, I tried to not open the door fully, but that meant I couldn't reach my backpack.

I grabbed three school bags and trotted over to the other door to grab my bag. The carseat was in the way so I struggled a little to get it out. I must have said something coz Kai offered help the moment I walked towards the front of the car - he wanted to help with all the school bags. I thanked him and asked him to carry his own bag coz everything would be too heavy. But he said he could take more else it would be heavy for me! So sweet! Can I melt already?

In the end, he took his and Yang's bags while I continued with Yu's bag which was the heaviest of the three and my backpack with laptop and milk pack inside. He wasn't carrying the bags most effectively but he said he was fine. Sobs, 我的儿子长大了!

Randomly related: Kai in 大字形 on the bed that he just made

Really, he has grown so much that I feel guilty that I'm mostly tracking Yu's growth these days and missing out on Kai. And Yang too. They're all growing!

Look, he can read!

He can recognise Holland Road Shopping Centre - the name is right in front of us when we stop at the traffic light on the way home from school! One day, he saw the road sign for Holland Avenue - Holland Ave - and he asked what Holland "ave" was. He also spells out random words he sees here and there, and asks how to spell words he can say and understand but cannot read.

I remember that I read my first English storybook at 8yo. It was a random book I picked up at my first trip to the library. Strangely can't remember when I read my first Chinese one, though I remember browsing Mother's pregnancy books in Chinese coz I saw her reading - must be when she was pregnant with YQ!

Yang isn't reading yet but he can recognise 一 and 大 when we read in the evenings. He can even write quite well now!

When it was his turn to be the teacher (as opposed to being "the boy")

And just now, I asked Yang why he did what he did in the video below:

Yang was really playing the fool there - so funny!

Yang: Because I play the slide and lie down like this!
mf: Why do you lie down?
Yang: Because I am so funny!


Toddler jokes are so cute! Here are two more:

Yang: You have a pimple nose! Piak piak! Hahahaha!

And I triggered this when I said 你 to him:

Yang: 你你你你你你你!
mf: What??
Yang: No, say "not me!" ...?? .... So funny!
Yang: 你你你你你你你!
mf: Not me!
Yang: Hahahaha!

This is really a cheeky one. Funny expressions and cute poses all the time!

One of his fave - head to the side! 

He's also the sporty one, almost forgot... He likes to stand at the head of my bed, and fall backwards saying he's swimming! Or he falls forward and swims. It's quite clear he's doing backstroke and freestyle - must have watched too much SEA Games a couple of weeks ago!

Yu looks set to be a sportsman too - a diver coz he keeps diving off my bed haha! Oops, evil mama... His preferences are yet to be seen but for now, I'm definitely his most preferred person, followed by Papa. Sunday at Ah Yee's place, he only wanted me. When N took him, she had to distract him so he wouldn't cry for me. He refused to let others carry him though some succeeded by stepping outside to distract him. And when Sito appeared, he happily stretched out his arms towards him - only baby to do that! Daddy's boy :)

Happily playing with me nearby

And when both of us are not around, he still likes company. If ignored, yup, he goes eh eh eh! Hoho! Teachers found him the most troublesome of the three. One of them nicknamed him Johnny coz of his eh eh eh, but but but.....Why?!!!! 

Mr Eh-Eh may not be able to talk much but he can understand so much now. Just now at bedtime play, he was throwing bolsters, his bear and his pacifier around. I asked him to bring me his pacifier and he did! He usually can release his grip to give me whatever is in his hand but today was the first time he went to fetch something for me :) And then, he fell asleep while nursing - bliss :)

We're counting down to our holiday next week now. Very excited!

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