Monday, 4 September 2017

The three rules

For some reason, Kai tugged Sito from behind as we were walking toward Bugis Downtown Line on Saturday, and Sito almost tripped with Yu in his arms. We scolded Kai on the spot, and Sito stripped him of his farecard and his post-shower video that evening.

In the train, he came over and roared at me so I told him he had to go to the corner when he got home. For a few train stops, he kept saying he didn't want to go to the corner. He looked so poor thing that I wanted to cry and hug him!! But I sat still with Yang.

He did go to the corner back home after shower. During the post-corner debrief, I told him we had to set rules but I didn't have time then so we would do it the next day.

And the next morning, we sat down and talked through the rules:
  1. Safety - do not cause danger to anyone or anything, e.g. do not carry Yu!
  2. Respect - respect people and things, be polite, e.g. don't be rude to parents!
  3. Hygiene - keep hygiene in mind, e.g. wash hands after toilet, no spitting of saliva!
He can be playful as long as he keep within these rules.

We will probably change rule 3 as they get older but for now, it's important!

So these two days, I kept reminding Kai and asking him about the rules as we went about the day. It was mostly rules 1 and 2 though. For rule 2, Kai would usually say "polite". Eventually, he told me respect means being polite.

Even Yang got schooled on the rules along the way. And amazingly, he seemed to have learnt well!

Yang threw a book.

mf: Yang, remember rule 2?
Kai: Respect!
Yang: Respect books!

Yang wanted to horsie* me...

mf: Don't you do that! Remember respect?
Yang: Respect people!

I'm impressed.

I realised I forgot a rule about whining! Maybe can park under respect... Let's see how that turns out in practice...

* They were rowing a boat here but horsie refers to the same position but with a parent instead of the green pillow!

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