Sunday, 27 April 2008

Having babies

(Warning: Gross story ahead..)

SF gave birth only six weeks ago and she looked like she never did. On the other hand, Mother once commented that 19-year-old mf looked pregnant *.*

Anyway, the ladies met for lunch recently. With a new mother among us and four experienced mothers (and three of them pregnant) around the table, there could only be one main topic - childbirth and etc.

I must admit I was quite interested! All the talk about epidural, watching the doctor do a caesarean on your through a mirror (!), breastfeeding, types of breast pumps etc. I must say it was very enlightening and fun when they were recalling their experiences.

BUT someone mentioned cutting, sewing, tearing for not caesarean but natural birth...

My burning question: what and where do they cut? And why?!

Of course I have a rough idea given the context but when LY explained, I was like o_O (not going to go into details here but you may like to google for episiotomy if you feel up to it..)

(My next burning question: can you still have good sex after that?! TO said it would depend on the birth itself, if it was well sewn up and healed, confounded by the possibility of incontinence etc..)

I couldn't help it and did some googling just now, stopping short at actual photos and videos. I don't think I have the stomach for those after reading about the process. It is true that many women have gone through it. And, our mothers' generation didn't even have epidural! But SF is right - it would have to be caesarean comes my turn! Now I shall reconsider my ideal of having four children :p

On a lighter less scary note, I had something funny (and gross) the other day - I called it "poop of my dream" :p


  1. gal lets's have a gd discussion on this when we meet up! keke

  2. hee! oh, btw, samatha is here at RP!! :) let's all catch up soon!!

    Cheers, Siok

  3. oh my god, i m interested in this topic.....crazy right? show me the url link, i go and see the pictures. my gf just gave birth, caesarean with epidural, but no mirror leh. Are u sure can view with mirror? I think i ll faint first even without GA.

    bump :)


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