Thursday, 1 May 2008

May Day! =) May Day! =(

I like public holidays :)

This May Day, I had a nice brunch with LS, G and SX. Jon was held up but we managed to meet him when he came down to meet LS and this interesting junior of ours.

I like brunch. It always has this leisurely feel to it.. You know, not waking up early enough for breakfast, and yet after brunch, there is still time to do other things :p

Went to find Sito to go to Istana for the open house. This was my second time in Istana during open house. First time was some years ago, also on May Day and damn hot..

BUT, the guard at the queue refused to let us in cos Sito was wearing slippers.

Now, we understood why - proper attire for respect for the official residence of the head of state, etc. Fair enough. So let me rephrase the above: the guard at the queue refused to let us in cos Sito was wearing slippers even though some guy just walked out of Istana wearing slippers - why could he go in?!

The guard remained nonchalant even when we pointed out the guy to him. Well, fine, we accepted the rules. So we went to Carrefour and got a pair of shoes of the wrong size at $20 just so we could go in. And guess what? There was no guard when we returned! No one enforcing the so-called rules!

The best part was when we saw other guys in similar get-up as Sito - tee, berms, slippers - in Istana grounds.

(left edge, camera was slow :p)

What's with the inconsistency with the attire rule?!

We don't like unfair treatment and inconsistency in the enforcement of such rules. In fact, before we went, we had checked the website to see if there were any dress code and there was no info on that =(

Nonetheless, we had some fun going around - even though it was so damn hot.. We even bought Istana collar pins! Oooh...

I like collar pins. I have a duffel bag stuck full of collar pins - plus one now :)

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