Thursday, 10 February 2011

A lack of grooming

Attempted to brush my hair. "Attempted" because the brush didn't brush through. After some two months of not using hair conditioner, my hair now feels like grass. Dead grass. Oh, it still looks healthy but alas, looks are deceiving...

For example, my hands lie about my age. I'm 31 but look at my hands and they'll tell you I'm 41. I don't mind looking like 41 in 10 years' time but no, not now.

Another example, if you just look at my calves, you'll think I'm a man... Oops, tmi? :p

It's not that I don't have hair conditioner. I do; I just don't like that soapy feeling. Guess I'll have to use it whether or not I like it! I also have hand creams and all sorts of body mosturisers but they don't seem to stay when I keep cooking and washing, and going to the toilet in between! I've resorted to sleeping with moisturised hands in gloves - we'll see if that helps..

But as the poor wife of a poor student, I refrain from spa visits so no waxing, mani/pedi, facial or massage. But I give myself a little spa treatment here and there. There's my weekly foot scrub who keeps my heels looking just dry and not totally dead; I'm a long way from pretty soles after years of abuse from punishing shoes! And my store of facial scrub, masks and moisturisers are giving me the most supple skin since I left school. I even have surgical needles which I use sparingly and only for the nasty pimples. The rest of the time, my 10-year old extractor will do fine, followed by a detox mask and then a nice layer of moisturiser.

Yet, there's a part of my face that's not yielding to all my treatments. My lips. One sudden smile and I bleed. A gentle scrub with my facial scrub followed by my trusty Estee Lauder lip treatment so effective in Sg doesn't seem to work. This is not a lack of grooming - it's been dry and peeling ever since the bout of mouth ulcers that spread to my lips when I was eight. If not for my teacher who spotted it and referred me to a doctor, I would have suffered a lot longer and worse..

Anyway, it's pretty cool in our apartment tonight. Maybe cos we left our window open for most of the afternoon. I'm having hot Milo and should probably head off to bed pretty soon - gotta wake at 6.30 am tomorrow for a volunteer activity!

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